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Terms and Conditions: Our Writing Service Regulations in Detail

The well-thought and decent provisions for the work of a custom paper service on-line is a key to reliable and mutually beneficial communication and cooperation between it and its users. That is why your concern about the terms and conditions set by our company is extremely valuable to us.

Basic Principles of Our Performance

There are a few essential points which should be mentioned first and taken into consideration seriously and responsibly.

  1. The visitor’s voluntary acceptance of and agreement with the statements set forth below are implied by the fact of his or her use of this website.
  2. We limit the visitor’s and customer’s access to this website to private and personal usage only.
  3. Our service liability does not cover any type of content, data or files which our customer may obtain on other websites or offline.
  4. We carry out the process updating or modifying this website data and content without informing our customers.

Basic References of Our Service

For the sake of avoidance of any probable misunderstandings the following terms are provided:

  • "company" as well as "we" and the respective derivatives for;
  • "customer" or "client" as well as "you" and the derivatives for every user of;
  • "product" for any paper available for the order on

Basic Rights and Duties of Our Company and a Customer

Along with the common rights and duties there are also a few regulations that specifically relate either only to our company’s service or only to a customer’s activity.

Common Provisions

  • We support strict adherence to the terms, conditions and other policies of our service on our part and on the customer’s part as well.
  • No information or files transmitted in the process of cooperation can be disclosed. As the only exception, in case of the violation of our policies we can provide the limited data for the respective institutions.

Provisions for Our Service Only

  • Any concerns over timeliness, validity and adequacy of the content are beyond the scope of our service representatives’ responsibility.
  • Regarding creation of our products as well as their originality and value, the right to intellectual property, which cannot be violated under any circumstances, is reserved by our company.

Provisions for the Customer Only

  • Our customers can avail themselves of all the options provided. Please note that our products can be purchased only in retail.
  • Discussions and disputes are acceptable as long as their reasons are valid and transparent.
  • Attempts of copying, duplicating and selling our content and materials are impermissible.
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