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Research Paper: Modes of Writing

You may feel confused facing a task to write a research paper, because you are expected to say something new in your scientific issue. However, this is not that difficult, as it may seem.

Step 1: Define, What Is Interesting for You

The first thing to do is to determine, what is interesting for you. If you have a personal interest to the selected issue, you will be more motivated in writing on it. Furthermore, you will have your personal opinion and approach to the problem. A good thing is that the more you learn on a certain topic, the more you understand it, and the more interesting it usually seems to you.

Choose Interesting Points

Step 2: Define the Mode of Writing

There are two most common modes of writing a research paper.

Way 1: Summarizing

By summarizing we mean writing down the overview of the existing views of famous scientists and a brief critical evaluation of them. Actually, the critical evaluation will be the most valuable in such a paper. This is more objective type of writing, but it is still important to gather all the thoughts within one text. Actually your research paper will perform its purpose to serve for the future research on the issue.

Your Conclusion Based on Conclusions of Others

Way 2: Introducing of Something New

You may carry out your own research work and make conclusions based on the materials received. Your paper will be useful and valuable due to the new information added to the appropriate field of science and due to the new approach and view on the existing issues.

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