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Reflective Writing: 3 Main Aspects

Reflective writing seems easy: you just write down your personal view on a certain writing or situation. Well, if you do not care about the important components required for reflective writing, your paper will be a mess.

3 Points Checklist

Main Components of Reflective Writing

We can define three main aspects of reflective writing. All three need to be represented in your reflective essay in case you expect an A for it.

  1. A Description

    Before speaking your mind and telling your impressions, specify what is actually being evaluated. Your task is to explain briefly the thing you are writing a reflection on. However, writing in a brief manner does not mean omitting the important details. You should tell no more and not less for your reader to get the main idea of the material being further evaluated.

  2. An Evaluation

    Now it is time for your personal opinion about the case reviewed. Your personal attitude may be mainly expressed by adjectives. Did you like or dislike it? What is good and what is bad about it? Do not forget to explain your thoughts and give the factual examples to make them clearer for your readers.

    Good or Bad?
  3. An Analysis

    Finally, you are required to analyze. An analysis may include such aspects as defining the causes and consequences, specifying the significance of the material you are writing about, indication of the other issues it touches upon etc. A good analysis shows your level of awareness on this issue, so obviously you need to read sources to learn more about it.

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