Reflective Writing and How to Manage It

This is probably one of the trickiest writing assignments you can ever get from your teacher. That rational part of your consciousness feels that it must be something much more serious than a story about the brightest moments of your last summer holidays. However, you somehow realize that this idea is not enough to fully understand what exactly reflective writing style implies and how to apply it.

But if you are here, you are definitely in the right place and at the right time to find the solution! Let us see what your teacher meant when they assigned you this task, and find out how we are going to complete it for you!

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Reflective Writing Examples: See What We Can Do for You

In reality this type of writing includes a very large variety of papers. We have studied the most frequently assigned types of academic papers, so now you can choose from a lot more options than a simple reflective essay. Let us check the list:

  • Fieldwork report covers evaluating the methods and analyzing the results of your field research
  • Log book requires you to record briefly the process of your observation or experiment, and to come up with new ideas or suggestions for further work, basing on what you have already done.
  • Academic self-assessment implies comments on your whole research work.
  • Essay diary includes a bibliography which you are going to refer to in a bigger paper, as well as a brief outline of your research and writing process.
  • Course journal can contain reflective notes about or descriptions of college or university courses.

Excellent Paper

Excellent Paper

Deciphering the Term or What on Earth a Reflective Essay Wants from You

At first sight, it may seem that it simply wants you to remember a particular object, event or problem, and to describe it. But this is where the whole thing starts actually. So, your reflection covers not only the very thought about a particular issue, but also your personal understanding of this issue.

  • You should focus not on WHAT you are going to tell, but on HOW it was and WHY it is so memorable to you.
  • Your main task is to dive deeper into the whirlpool of emotions and feelings and try to make out what begot them and what they caused in their turn.
  • In order to get out of this whirlpool safe and sound, as well as in order to help your reader get out of it, you should refer to the knowledge and experience you gained before and after the situation described.
  • To make your story smooth and logical you need to analyze step-by-step how this situation developed, what it covered and what outcome it had;
  • Interestingly, the aim of such assignment can help you cope with the final paragraph: you must determine what lesson this situation taught you and how it impacted or is still impacting your life or way of thinking.

How to Get A+ in Reflective Writing: The Best Strategies from Our Writers

Looks like a set of regulations of the psychoanalytic theory, doesn’t it? However, you will be surprised to know that in your mind you compose several reflective essays every day, literally. Have you ever felt like “oh, I had to response to him/her in a different way”? Well, the way your brain builds this “different response” is the way you should structure your text. So, what about finding out how your writer will do it!

Stage #1: Description: Remember the Scene and Characters

Before speaking your mind and telling your impressions, specify what you are going to analyze. Your goal is to clarify briefly the things you are reflecting on. However, writing in an “essayistically” brief manner does not mean omitting essential details. You should tell your reader no more and not less than it can be enough for them to imagine the scene and decorations of your story.

Stage #2: Evaluation: Become the Protagonist of Your Reflection

Now it is time for your personal opinion on the case your essay is dedicated to. According to those smart rules of reflective writing style, when you need to express your attitude towards a particular object or event, you should use more adjectives. However, you should also remember about the rule of golden mean, and insert reasonable and even dose of adjectives into your text. That is why you should also provide factual examples to make your thoughts and impressions clearer for your reader.

Good or Bad?

Stage #3: Analysis: Reconstruct the Plot and Its Climax

The analysis of your background can involve defining its causes and consequences, specifying the significance of the idea you are writing about, indicating some other issues it appears to be connected with, etc. To put it simply, you should explain your reader why you personally consider it as good or bad.

Stage #4: Solution: Come up with the Moral of Your Story

This should be a clear a moral of what you describe, evaluate and analyze in your entire reflective essay. This is the lesson you have learnt and hence want to share with your reader, who in their turn may have had a similar experience. Even if you believe that your case is unique, anyway make it interesting, understandable and close for your audience. Show why you want them to know about it.

So, what will you say? Now when you know how an expert will perform.

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