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Are you an international student with good brains but unconfident English? Do you have lots of good ideas, but you cannot shape them into proper grammatical structures? Was it that naughty comma that spoilt your whole day (and your grade as well)? I believe you can see clearly what we mean here.

And after that case with the comma you definitely promised yourself that “next time” you would check your paper inside out to bring to the total perfection. But you probably could not imagine how much time it would take you to edit your paper as carefully as your conscience or perfectionism required. Especially, if there were more than five pages of the text, to say nothing of the list of references. Do you think you really want to go through it all once again?

Entrust this part of your work to us! offers you an impressive range of custom proofreading services. Get stunning results for affordable costs and submit your writings without any doubts about their flawlessness and originality!

Learn more about the services you can order with us and the great benefits you get from it! Check how you can save your time and money with a few quick clicks with your mouse or touchpad!

In Brief: How We Will Turn Your Paper into an A+ Masterpiece

Happy Student

Have you ever thought that books of prominent authors of all times, and especially of the last two-three centuries, could hardly ever be published without being previously proofread? Just let us avoid the issue of censorship here. We are talking about all those missing commas, misspellings and other mistakes, which are natural and actually inevitable in the process of writing. To put it simply, we are going to talk about everything what our proofreading service is aimed at.

By the way, this is the reason why an editor could even become a very close friend and inspirer of an author: the author is a creator, a parent of his or her brainchild, while the editor acts more like a mentor, an adviser, who should know how to make this brainchild world-famous.

So, this is what we are responsible for here. Of course, if you want, we can turn your essay into a globally known piece of writing by advising you how to self-publish it or which publishing agencies to choose. But for now let us go down to our reality from the heights of fame and see how we can provide you with a paper which both you and your professor expect to receive!

Word Choice Correction

Our proofreading service is aimed at fixing the issues of word choice in your papers. You know that there are a lot of synonyms in English, and it is sometimes really hard to choose an appropriate one for the certain context. It can be even more difficult to use the terms which you may not understand clearly. So, when our editor detects the wrong word, it will be immediately replaced with the better English option.

Proper Words Selection

Grammar Fixing

Some of those grammatical issues are tough even for native speakers. If you are an international student, English grammar may become a real disaster. That is why professional editors of our proofreading service are always ready to come to rescue your paper and make it grammatically brilliant.

No Grammer Mistakes

Spelling: Let Us Dot All the I’s Correctly

Even though our computers and laptops can easily indicate misspelled words, underlining them with this eye-catching red wavy line, they are still unable to indicate words which are spelled right but do not fit the context. For example, your “politics ant economics” may be missed by the almighty system, but not by your professor. And not by our picky editors!

Comma-Management or Amending Punctuation

Our writers and editors are wonderful specialists who know their job and English punctuation inside out. Do you agree that the latter can be quite a weird thing sometimes, playing tricks with almost everybody who dares apply it? However, we can easily deal with its cunningness for you!

Formatting and Its Pitfalls

We will check and fix not only language issues, but also all the possible technicalities. Fonts, paragraphs, capitalization, citations and the like will meet the requirements of the academic format you set in your instructions.

Discover More of Our Proofreading Services: GreatPaper Professional Strategies

This is actually an umbrella term for a range of different options which are not connected with what is called writing from scratch. So, depending on the state of your paper at the moment you are going to send to our editors, you can choose one of the three available services: Proofreading as it is, Editing and Rewriting (which is not copy-writing, by the way). Let us check some more details.

  • Proofreading service as it is implies that the text you send to us will be checked for spelling, grammar, punctuation and some formatting issues (in total 10% of the text can be amended).
  • Editing service goes more global: your personal editor will check sentence and paragraph structures, logical presentation of the topic, connection between the main ideas (that is 30% of the text).
  • Rewriting service allows you to amend the whole idea, the core of your work. Whether it is research or a review, your writer and editor (as they both will work on your order) will check everything from the punctuation marks to the general sense of the writing (that is 70% of the original text).

We are definitely going to surprise your bank card with nice affordable prices! Besides, you can opt for additional originality check and order an official Turnitin report of your text proofread by our team.

Writer and Editor

Meet Our Expert Team

There, on the other side of your screen, work our big team of experienced writers and editors. Together with the custom support managers, who are the first to accept your order, we are always ready to meet your highest expectations. Whichever proofreading service you order, you will have your paper brought to perfection by two professionals: our writer, who is a specialist in the field your paper refers to, and our editor, who is just a walking dictionary of synonyms, guidebook of grammar rules, and just a very nice person.

Check your writings with us and stay 100% sure of your success!

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