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We guarantee a free review and correction of your paper, if you make such a request according to the following rules.

Useful Feature of Our Service


If some corrections need to be made for your paper completed by us, you do not have to look for any other services. Our essay writing service is ready to help you.

How Does It Work?

There is one thing you should know: we can carry out the review for free only based on the following limitations.

  • You should tell us about the required corrections. This can be done in one way. Please, contact your writer directly and explain all of the adjustments that need to be done (use the "Revision Request" button). In case you face any issues with that, you can communicate with our team’s representative in the most convenient way for you. This can be via live chat, sending an email, or calling us.
  • Your comments must be linked to the theme of your essay. If they are controversial if comparing them to the initial ones, we cannot do the revision. So, you are not allowed to change the theme of your essay if you want a free review, but you can make a new order or pay around 70% extra (the amount will depend on deadline and the character of corrections needed).
  • All of our writers are highly professional in various scientific areas. We are sure that we will be able to find a good writer based on your demands, but sometimes it is difficult to understand each other for an essay writer and a customer. So, in such cases you can make a request for a reassignment of a writer for you. This can be done only after three failed revisions made by this writer. Keep in mind that your evidence must be convincing.
Team of Professionals
  • We offer you a free revision only within 10 days after you received the completed paper for the first time. If your essay consists of more than 30 pages, this limit can be extended to 20 days. It is clear, that reviewing of such a big order requires more time, so we have taken care of this.
  • You can choose the time for preparing a review, but it should be not less than 4 hours. Only if you have chosen the time limit for preparing your order from 4 to 12 hours, you can ask us to do a revision for you in 2 hours. Of course, we will do everything possible to apply the corrections as soon as possible, but the faster completion cannot be guaranteed.
  • If you cannot find a solution to any of your problems, you can contact a manager of the appropriate department (our service’s representative will provide you with the needed contacts). After such a request, reviews will not be available. Moreover, the claims or refund requests will be reviewed only if you have asked for 2 revisions beforehand (1 revision request is enough for urgent cases).

You should remember that if you have made an order correctly, you will not need the Revision Policy conditions.

The conditions dictated by cyberspace have prompted the team of our professional online writing service to search for effective and reliable means to protect our clients’ private data protection and our website content security. Having taken into our consideration all principles and features of information and data usage on-line, we have set up the following regulations with the aim to guarantee and implement our company’s and customers’ right to privacy and information protection.

Significant Prior Remarks

The importance of the statements set forth below provides an explanation why they deserve special attention from the side of the customer. Please learn them carefully.

Client’s Agreement

Your agreement with these policies is confirmed automatically as soon as you start using this website.

Online Data Protection Only

No complaints concerning any kind of content or data obtained off-line or not on our service website can be accepted by our Support Department.

Bilateral Principle of Non-Disclosure

From our side, we cannot disclose any personal data of our first-time visitors as well as of our regular customers.

At the same time, we kindly ask our clients to refrain from any activity that may involve commercial use of our content and the products purchased with our service.

Why Does Our Service Require Its Users’ Personal Data?

As we orient our services directly to the Internet users and sell the particular type of products, we need to cooperate with each customer personally and privately. Besides, one of our obligations is to provide our customer with reliable and effective means for him or her to get in touch with us.

So your personal data should be provided when you place your order for the first time. Basing on them, we will create your personal account. With it you will be able to make new orders, use other options and contact your writer or our supporter at any time.

Besides, you will need to provide the necessary information to carry out the payment procedure.

What Data Is Required by Default?

Our service system always inquires:

  • full name of the visitor;
  • the country where the order is made from;
  • visitor’s email address;
  • visitor’s telephone number.

Data Protection Systems and Documents

Striving to implement this policy as effectively as possible, we apply to the following means to organize and support the system of data protection:

  • cookie files: they are stored on the customer’s PC and contain the information on the customer’s activity on our website;
  • Secure Socket Layer system protects transmission and provides safety of the customer’s data;
  • Children Online Privacy Protection Act: this is an official document that does not allow to collect personal data of users at the age under 13.
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