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My Money Back: No Trick. Treat Only

High level of professionalism of our service team is supported by our constant readiness to meet our clients' demands. That is why we are glad to offer the well-thought and well-functioning system of refunds, which is based on the regulations stated below.

When and How Can a Refund Dispute Be Opened?

In case you are going to raise a dispute over a compensation, we kindly ask you to make sure that:

  • you have valid, rational and transparent arguments to do it; you can prove them and express them clearly;
  • you are ready to wait for our first response to your issue up to 10 working days while our Dispute Department is processing it;
  • you will provide the representatives of our Dispute Department (also, the DD) with the materials or data they may require.

Refund Request Procedure

Here are a few simple steps for you to follow:

  • check the contacts our Support Department, contact them and explain your issue (it will be rendered to our DD representatives);
  • leave your message with the necessary details and comments on the e-mail that will be provided by our supporter as soon as your issue is confirmed by the Dispute Department;
  • follow the instructions that you will receive from our dispute managers.

When a Refund Is Possible: Cases and Sums

Find out more about the valid reasons for requesting the compensation from our company and the percentage of compensation, which is provided for each particular case.

100% Refund for Double Payment

As soon as our system confirms the second-time payment, its full sum will be returned to you.

100% Refund for Double Order

Again, the money for the unwanted order can be returned if the second-time order placement is confirmed.

100% Refund If There Is No Writer Available

We guarantee the lowest possibility of such a case. However, if we happen not to find the specialist to complete your assignment, you will be informed by the supporter, and the money you have paid will be returned instantly.

The Cases When the Percentage Varies

Please note that the exact sum of the compensation can be provided after the issue is thoroughly discussed by our dispute managers.

The total refund you can get may vary when:

  • the delivery of the paper or its amendments is delayed;
  • the customer wants to cancel the order before the half of the valid deadline period is over;
  • the customer wants to cancel the order after the half of the valid deadline period has passed.

Please be aware that the opening of a refund dispute can be started within the 10 days after the order was delivered.

No refund can be guaranteed if the customer wants to cancel the 100% completed order.

No refund is provided for any additional services.

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