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Introduction to an Essay: Mistakes to Avoid

Students tend to underappreciate an introduction to an essay saying that it does not actually have any meaningful information. Well, if an introduction does not have anything important, this is a poorly written introduction. Let's see the main mistakes, which are commonly made while writing of an essay beginning.

  1. A Dull First Sentence

    Even if your essay is genius, no one will read it, if it has a boring beginning. First sentences are of a great importance, because they create the first impression about your text and make a person decide whether it is worth reading. Thus, take care about your first sentences and make them as catchy and interesting as it is possible.

    Don't Make Your Reader Bored
  2. Absence of a Thesis Statement

    We can often see an introduction, which has no logical connection with the further text. Having read such a paragraph we can ask a question: "So what?" The role of the "connecting sentence" is usually played by a thesis statement. Furthermore, it defines your specific topic and your intentions regarding the further writing.

  3. Irrelevant Points

    An introduction does include the details to outline the content of the issue, but these details need to be strictly relevant. There is no use of including some random interesting facts just because you like them. Make sure that the points you include to your introduction have something to do with the main paper topic.

    Stick to the Topic
  4. Too Long

    Introduction is not to be long. There is a rule saying that your introduction should take no more than 10% of the whole essay.

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