Argumentative Essay on Zoos: Take a Side


Many people like to spend personal time with animals. In case you don’t have a pet or want to look at a tiger or a bear, you can visit such a place like zoo. Here you will meet a lot of birds, mammals and reptile species. Although, a lot of people are not fond of this idea. It’s time to pick a side in this dispute.

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There are a lot of opinions about the idea of zoos, but now there are only two main sides: humans who like zoos and those, who deny them as a concept. At first, it was perceived as a great entertainment for children. You may closely meet a predator or some domestic animal, which you can’t see every day, like goat. In addition, zoo gathers species that live on the different continents and in usual circumstances they will never met in the same place. On the other hand, we have humanism and philanthropy. The Greenpeace advocates for banning zoos: the pets are kept in cages and the conditions of their living are not good enough. Furthermore, zoo mammals are no longer able to adapt to the wild nature, particularly the newborn babies: they do not have appropriate skills.

Take a Side

After marking the sides of the conflict, it is time to make a choice. You can write down, that one of the sides is more acceptable for you. After all, every idea has two sides. Perhaps, you have your own theory about zoos. For example, you can’t agree that zoo is a good thing, but you also cannot say that this is a negative phenomenon. Do you know any scientific researches or WWFs` reports about zoos? You may mention them in your essay and show your own position.

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The argumentation in such essays is an obligatory thing. Without arguments you will not convince anyone of your position. It is better to bring not just one argument, but several. For example, if you are against the concept of zoo, you can say, that pets are taken away from their usual habitat. Also, they are forced to live in cages and this is very bad. The argumentation is very important to confirm your position.


You need to give an example from real life to each argument. Examples will help to make your position reasonable. It is obvious that you know some situations or accidents that made a great influence on you, and which can perfectly illustrate your opinion. For example, if you like the idea of â??caring for animals, then pandas will be a good sample. I bet, that you have seen the one of those videos called “if you suddenly wondered why pandas are endangered”. They are so clumsy, it seems they do not know how to use their instinct of self-preservation, even in the safe places. Thus, the fact of caring for them is rather good than bad idea. If you are against the caged animals – a good example is the petting zoo. Sometimes children or even adults don’t understand where the border is and can accidently injure the animal. Often, they face an aggressive behavior in response.


At the end of your essay, you need to sum everything up. The conclusion shouldn’t be large: it is a short abstract of what you have written down. Maybe, your opinion is different from the prevalent one, so you wrote the arguments and examples to confirm it. The main thing is your own point of view.

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