A Zombie Apocalypse: That`s What You Should Do to Survive

Abandoned City

If you`re a big fan of “The Walking Dead”, you must already know what you should do in case a zombie apocalypse occurs. I don`t want to have a negative talk with you, but think about it. You never know what knowledge will be the most useful in your life. Yes, you can spend the next ten minutes scrolling through cat memes, but you can dedicate this time to our article and save your life one day. Perhaps.

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A possibility of a zombie apocalypse doesn`t seem so unrealistic, to be honest. All those movies do seem quite terrifying, but you`ll be scared even more when you find out that it can actually happen. Not zombies per se because these are dead creatures who eat human flesh and turn everybody into their own kind with a bite. Well, in a scientific version of an apocalypse, it`s a virus that starts a planetary disaster.

In fact, when researchers have calculated the odds of a possibility of all known scenarios of an apocalypse, a pandemic with a killer-virus appeared to be number one on that list. It means that it`s really likely to happen, and it can eliminate most of humanity. With mutation of multiple viruses and misuse of antibiotics, we have a bigger chance to die from a “kind-of-zombie-apocalypse” than from aliens` invasion or asteroid rain. So, scientists have put serious thought into this and came up with a set of rules which will help you stay alive and uninfected.

New York, New York… Not So Fun

Zombies in New York

If you`re a happy resident of New York City, then congrats, you`re so going to die during a zombie apocalypse. Your beloved Big Apple isn`t so special, it can be applied to any huge city actually. Or even a small town. It`s natural that a disease would spread much faster in crowded areas. Practically all scary movies about dangerous viruses start with an opening scene of a metropolis view. So, you`d rather hide somewhere far away from inhabited areas.

So, maybe, it’s high time you stopped trying to upgrade your CV and get a job in the Big Apple. You want to be the survivor after all. In any case, if you are a student or a recent graduate looking for a job, your CV is probably more important to you than a possibility of the world ending. You may spend hours on the Internet trying to make it shine, but there is just so much you can do. On Greatpaper.co.uk we have people who know what HRs are looking for in your CV. Let pros do your CV for you.

Whether the zombie apocalypse started or not, you need to be sure you have enough water and food. So, technically, you can`t run away too far. Besides, it`s not like you`re actually going to run. Even if you`re killing your game on a treadmill on a daily basis, it doesn`t mean that you`ll be able to run for miles and miles (or kilometers and kilometers in case you`re using metric system like most of the world does).

What is the best option? A small village in the mountains will be the best variant of shelter you can find in such a short period of time.

Scientists have virtually simulated how the event may develop. They came to a conclusion that if cities would become more and more dangerous, the villages will become safer and safer. You`d rather stay low-key for the first couple of months. In most books and movies zombies can`t drive a car or fly a plane (by the way, all airports will be closed, so you won`t be able to get out from a country or a continent), so you need to get a personal vehicle.

Preferably, it has to be big, reliable, and capacious. In case you need to move purveyance, this thing on wheels should be capable to carry a lot of it. But you should also have a bicycle. It`s maneuvering and doesn`t require any fuel. Scientists have calculated that New York City will be infected in 24 hours, and it will be an utter devastation.

So, don`t get all jealous of people who own fancy Manhattan apartments. At least you have a chance to survive a zombie apocalypse.

A Wolf Will Only Survive in a Pack

Zombie Apocalypse Meme

In such a case of emergency when a bunch of flesh-eating creatures are trying to kill you, it`s better not to be on your own. That`s the advice that you could really use on a daily basis as well, but we are talking about scary aspects of life at the moment. So, if you join a group of people, you have better chances to survive. You`ll be able to fight zombies, you will divide the responsibilities, and you can at least sleep one by one to watch out in case a new attack happens.

It`s better not to trust strangers who would like to join your pack. It`s possible that you`ll meet some other people on your way who managed to survive just like you. That`s good news because a bigger number of people means more opportunities to fight those Walking Dead characters.

But don`t trust them completely. It`s not like they are in collusion with zombies, it`s that they may not be as prepared and as fit as you`re. So it`s possible that they won`t be able to fight back and will become a burden.

Yes, that`s the people we are talking about here, but, hey, that`s an imaginative zombie apocalypse, right? And who will win if you die trying to protect them? Get those people someplace safe and move on.

A Survival Kit

Zombie Apocalypse Survival Kit

One of the most important things. Two fast legs and a good heart should definitely be in that survival kit. But if I`m just rubbing salt in an open wound right now, let`s talk about an actual kit. Water is a number one surviving essential. One gallon per day. That`s just for you. Don`t forget about your pack.

What about food? If you`ve ever dreamt of walking into a supermarket, take everything you want and leave, that`ll probably be the best time. This is actually where movies are right, and you will need canned food or non-perishable food. Don`t forget to hit a drug store on your way. You probably won`t find a cure for that virus or whatever this is, but you`ll find some bandages, rubbing alcohol, antibiotics, or any prescription medication you might need. Yeah, go ahead, nobody will charge you for break and entering, they all will probably be dead by that time.

Oh, we’ve almost driven past one more important shop where you`ll get all the essentials. You`re going to need weapons, ammunition, knives (including a pocket knife to carry around all the time), duck tape, flashlights, and lots (and lots) of batteries. And a radio! That`s how you can keep abreast of the news! What if a zombie apocalypse is over already, but you`re still hiding in a forest?

Remember about the rule of three: a human being can live for three minutes without air, for three days without water, and for three weeks without food. According to calculations of scientists, the stock of canned and non-perishable food in cities is huge. It will be more than enough for you to go on with your life. Besides, if it`s not healthy enough, you can always rob a drug store again to get some vitamins, right? Technically, it`s not stealing if nobody cares.

And after you survive, you may even write an analysis of your life after the disaster. Just kidding though, you still have to go to classes and write papers. But as long as we’ve got your back, you will be able to cope with it.

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  • Jon

    I enjoyed reading this. I have always used the zombies as a cover all for what might happen. I couldn't agree more about N.Y being a deathtrap. I've been working here a few days a week an worried it will happen when iam here. Love living in a small town in Pennsylvania

  • Sam

    Let's just wish this never ever happens and lets just focus on the present.

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