Zombie Apocalypse: Think Creatively to Write an Essay


Creative thinking is highly praised by today’s standards of evaluating individual skills. It will help you stand out in a crowd of students who are cast in the same mold. Not only should one use creative thinking to be best at arts but also at academic research. You may wonder: how? It’s easy: creative thinking implies not only being able to picture meadows of flowers and fairytale animals, but also seeking ways out of challenging situations as following. We are offering to pump up your creativity by imagining a way out of zombie apocalypse – hard yet possible to set a mind for. Getting an assignment to write on zombie apocalypse thus is viewed as a reasonable and useful task. Let’s delve into the main questions that pop up in your head and make a few suggestions on what to write about.

What to Expect? Get Involved into the Situations

To write a good essay, you should feel the situation. Imagine that zombie apocalypse is happening now.

Zombie apocalypse will most likely appear out of the blue. So don’t be surprised by seeing some unruly flesh with bloody balling eyes and green pale dead skin just walking aimlessly at the parking lot or chasing you in the mall. It will definitely be a huge mess. Needless to say, even those not-zombies-yet might turn psychic just because of enormous tension building up in the society. Imagine that there is no one you can trust except yourself in the whole world. If you want to survive you need to speak and act only for yourself. Earlier or later after finding a shelter you might start lacking food and drink. That’s where real challenges might begin…


How to Behave?

Real animal instincts might appear the only savior in a zombie invasion. Building tree houses and eating roots of plants is not even the worst scenario! Your friend might turn into the worst conqueror and the loved one into predator as hunger and thirst combine together. So, not the most satisfying but the most logical behavior would be to keep calm and start listening to your intuition more in questions of trust and directions.

Where to Hide?

Top places to go during zombie apocalypse… You don’t want to die in a blink of an eye, right? Depending on where you live consider the following options. A good place to hide for a few days might be a bank if you live somewhere in the centre of the area, because most banks have one strong entrance, which can be electronically, and a security system. It should be only an immediate option before leaving a town. Be careful when hiding in the mountain mines if you live in an industrial city. The abandoned ones may actually cause even more danger while strategic ones might be situated in low population areas, far from urban premises and can even have air filters and drinking water available. Moreover, they could be near the self-sustainable food sources like farms. Therefore, farms themselves could be great places to hide. In the outbreak, be careful and control all the entrances to make it safe. Also consider jails, castles and any other secluded buildings or even vehicles such as ships and buses.

Importance of Creative Thinking

Even though your life is not that complicated, it still requires creative thinking to find the ways out of challenging cases, so develop this skill through writing. Being unable to think creatively could turn you into a zombie!

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