25 Things to Know While Being Young

25 Important Things List

Sometimes, people just don’t pay attention to thinking how they really live. Here are presented 25 recommendations from greatpaper.co.uk/essay-writers. They say about things which are better to be known earlier. Let’s touch main values of every human.

  1. 25. Take Care of Your Time

    Time is a priceless resource. It is the most valuable currency which anyone could ever have. Try not to waste it in vain, spend less time on hanging out in social media and sitting before a TV-set. You can’t bring your wasted minutes back, remember that.

  2. 24. Stop Delaying Your Life

    Live the way you could have something to tell about in future. Go in for your favorite business and devote your time to people you love. You won’t get anything for a lifetime tolerance towards persons you didn’t like at once.

  3. 23. Think, Then Say

    You can hurt someone with your words, so choose them carefully.

  4. 22. Think, Then Act

    It is better to spend some time and to think on your deeds, then to feel serious regrets later.

  5. 21. Refuse Alcohol

    Alcohol to Deny

    Alcohol makes your mind work slower and it’s not a necessary option for spending your good time.

  6. 20. Listen to Your Parents

    Their pieces of advice were not that bad, were they?

    • School years are truly the best time of your life.
    • If you study hard, you’ll have lots of profits later.
    • Choose people you can call friends. As Jim Ron said, every person is an average of five other persons who spend most of their time together.
    • Whatever you do, do everything you can.
    • Relate to others in the way you want them to relate to you, and you’ll obligatory get the respect of people around.
    • Everyone is the same and different at a time. We are all equal. Race, culture or sex shouldn’t have any influence.
  7. 19. Find a Hobby

    Hobbies and interests are the basis for your personal prosperity and living a long life.

  8. 18. Save Money

    Make savings weekly or monthly. Financial stability will help you worry less.

  9. 17. Learn Something New

    Constantly get new knowledges by reading books or listening to podcasts, for example. If to devote an hour of every day for reading, you’ll become the lead specialist in any field (whatever knowledges you had at the start). Of course, zeal and persistence are required, but with time, they’ll become your habit.

  10. 16. Don’t Follow the Majority

    If everyone goes in for something, go for something other. It’s easier to get to the top and to reach success if you’ve got less number of competitors. Be brave, risk and look for new possibilities. Share your ideas and pay attention to other opinions.

  11. 15. Practice

    They say it is required to spend 10000 hours of practice in order to become real master of any activity. That makes sense. Still, if you devote 1000 hours to 10 other things, you’ll have knowledges at different branches, and that is what could open ways to new possibilities. Choose what you like more, but never stop doing something.

  12. 14. Compete with Someone Better

    You can learn a lot from those who are better than you, and use their tricks at your own practice then. There is a chance you might lose competing only with newbies.

  13. 13. Give Yourself Less Time

    Consciously give yourself less time to complete any project. That is how you’ll make yourself use your creativeness to find new ways of solving regular troubles.

  14. 12. Put Goals

    And write them down somewhere, this significantly increases your chance to reach them. Enlist your long-term and short-term goals and track your success: that is what could empower you to move on.

  15. 11. Meet New People

    Make first steps. Communicate with new people. Don’t be afraid to ask those who already have their success and popularity for some pieces of advice. Sometimes you can’t know something if you don’t ask about it.

  16. 10. Travel

    Go Travelling

    Travelling enriches your life, makes your sightseeing wider, helps to meet new cultures and traditions, allows to understand other people better. And in order to feel the being of any country, don’t travel through big hotels (beaches and pools are the same anywhere in the world).

  17. 9. Never Stop Getting Better

    Try to get better in any activity. It’s not obligatory to change yourself completely. It’s enough to become 1% better every single day, and you’ll get serious results with time. The main thing is not to wait for anything to get done on its own. That is never going to happen. Nobody reached success just sitting still on one place. To improve yourself, you need to put efforts.

  18. 8. Watch Who You Trust To

    Group intrigues always stay nearby. Once you join “not that” group at high school or office, you can bury your successful studying or career easily.

  19. 7. Find Your Mentor

    It is important to find the right mentor who will advise what is better to concentrate on and what is not worth it.

  20. 6. Learning > Salary

    It is important to gain lots of experience in your profession while being at the very beginning of your career. This will bring you huge incomes in future, so don’t follow highest salaries as a priority.

  21. 5. Don’t Choose Too Early

    It could be bad to concentrate on one professional branch while being young. Studying different possible ways to follow gives an opportunity to accidentally find what you really are fond of.

  22. 4. Don’t Expect Lucky Case to Come

    Don’t think your knowledge and experience will bring the required people to you on their own. Establish contacts and look for new possibilities by yourself instead.

  23. 3. Study Foreign Languages

    It is good to know one language, but studying any foreign language allows you not only to communicate with new people and widen your outlook, but makes you smarter, too (brain gets serious development while discovering new languages).

  24. 2. Don’t Overwork

    Value your free time and don’t sit at the school or office till late hours. This won’t help you get the acknowledgement of your colleagues. Plus, you’ll feel pity about your time which won’t be enough for anything except studying (job).

  25. 1. Believe in Yourself


    The absence of self-confidence in often the only serious limit for a person. Humans like you created everything around us. So, believe in yourself, dream, create and change the World!

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