A Recipe to Ginger Up the Real Love

Nowadays the world “love” is in general use and that is why we often don’t think twice before saying “I love you”. It’s not a big deal to tell somebody about love. These three words and eight letters have become a kind of cliché we bring to bear in order to get something from other person or just to bring somebody pleasure. But is it right?


Saying without feeling

Most of us are used to say “love” referring to our girlfriends or boyfriends. Since our growing-up years it has been the simplest way to give joy to somebody and to voice the sentiments we are supposed to feel. However, teenagers commonly use the world “love” without understanding its authentic meaning. Today we can do whatever is needed to make other person happy. Our feelings are sincere and intentions are genuine. But what happens next? We break up and regret about saying such loud words of love to our sloppy seconds. We start analyzing all the stuff that has happened and come to understanding that, frankly speaking, nobody loved anyone. We have never felt love. Then what for these words have been said? To answer this simple question we might need years or even decades. The response is easy to understand. We do it just to shatter the calm. Or just for being like others. Or only because this is the way the things are done.


Loving the closest people

Our family is the priceless treasure that we have during our life. Relatives are the only people who will never give up on you and be there for you anytime you need them. We know it and in very deed we love them with all our hearts. Nevertheless saying our family that we love them is a bloody difficult task. It’s much easier to tell the world about our crush on somebody than about our real feelings. The truth is that saying something genuine and sincere can make us weak. Person, who knows about your love, gets unbelievable power upon your will and personality. However, your family will never use this power in your despite. Thus and so, these people definitely worth loving.

Loving My Mom

Be it as it may, the stands of life are running out. The time allotted for saying words of love to our nearest and dearest is slipping through your fingers. Tomorrow it can be too late. So don’t waste your time! Don’t be afraid to tell about your feelings to those who deserve to know it, to your family.


Save your love for someone who deserves it

Two people in love

In modern science there is such a theory of relations that are based on energy resources of people. The scholars believe that even sex is predicated on an interchange of energy between a man and a woman. From this perspective it is obvious that for getting along with somebody you should give a part of your energetics to another person. That is the only possible framework for a sane and long-run relationship. Unfortunately, if you are energetically exhausted after a range of infelicitous love affairs that ended up with painful blow-offs, it is almost impossible for you to get fully involved in a new liaison. Moreover, you have nothing to give to your partner (I mean the energetic level) and in such a way your relationship is a losing battle. The bottom line is that you should never waste your time and energy on those who don’t care about you. Save yourself and your words of love for those who deserve it. “Love who loves you back” – it is the heart of the issue and the only one path to blessedness.

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