Time-Management Tricks for Students


Time is our most valuable resource, since how we spend it defines the quality of our life. Often we feel like we are not efficient, or we waste too much time, and the project is not even close to be finished. Have you recognized yourself in these examples? Sure, no one wants to study for three hours, when others spend less with the same result, so it is crucial to learn how to use the resource of time to the best of your ability. If you have a difficult essay to write, it can drain all your energy. We know this, and we are always happy to help with your essay. Here are some tricks and tips on how to economize and tailor your time according to your particular student’s needs.

Meal Prep

Even though some people are against it, meal prepping is a valuable technique that will make you healthier and save you tons of time. In case you have to cook every day, sometimes you get so tired of it that you just splurge on restaurants and fast food, and you may notice that what you eat is neither healthy nor fast. Meal prep takes a few hours on Sunday, but it saves you time every day of the working week.

It is perfect for students, as often there are microwaves on campus, and all you will need is a lunchbox or just a few of them for every day of the working week. You will not think about food during the day, knowing that you have got yourself covered. Your options will be nice and healthy, since you will not tempt yourself with easily attainable junk food. Add peanuts, smoothies, salads to your prep and have yourself a win-win situation!Here are some more helpful tips on the topic.

Pay Attention


What is the point of going to class if you can read all the information online? Well, since classes usually give you a part of the score for attendance, and you need to go to get a passing grade anyway, you should really use this time carefully and pay attention to the material at hand. The more you concentrate on the material, and not on random things online, your friend making you laugh or someone cute sitting in the first row, the more you will absorb, and you will not have to re-learn the material by yourself, potentially getting into a confusing situation. And if you take part in discussions, raise your hand to ask questions and are engaged in the lecture, your professor will surely recognize you and realize you are a serious and diligent student, which will make them like you more.


It has been scientifically proven that we only remember about twenty percent of what we hear during the lecture. The percentage rises if we take notes, however it does never reach a hundred, since there will always be some information that we have missed. The best way to learn and remember a piece of information is to process it through yourself and render it to another person, be it your grandma, a neighbor, or even an online friend. In fact, if you form the habit of retelling the lecture, a passage from your book, a piece that you needed to read for class, even to yourself in the mirror, or mentally before going to bed, you will efficiently recall all the necessary details and structure the info neatly in your head.

In addition to that, it will be more complicated to retell something you have not understood, and this will push you to get deeper into the topic and find the answers to everything that is confusing to you. As a consequence, it will less stressful to cram for your finals since you will remember the material and only need to read through it more carefully to fix some details in your mind. Also, it will be faster, as you will not re-learn the material, like some students do.

Shuffle Tasks

Shuffling Cards

Suppose that you have three assignments due next week. You start with the most challenging one, however, it is simply so hard for some reason, that you lose focus and cannot do it, wasting your time for an hour or two before giving up completely. Your mood is ruined, and you spend the night chewing on popcorn and watching a tv show to cheer yourself up, instead of being productive. Uh-oh, the next day you have even more tasks, and those three left from the previous day! This situation does not sound good, does it?

What you need to do instead is shuffle your tasks according to your ability right now. Create a to-do list, and if you are too challenged by task A, just start on task B instead. This will make you productive and ready for action, and after task B you will be capable of solving task A or at least to realize what you need to do in order to achieve it. The same goes for your paper. If you have no idea about the introduction, but the main body is engaging and calls to you first, go for it! Your essay will flesh out in front of you in no time.

Analyze Yourself

Pick a random day and note down your activities in that day. Next to the activity, jot down the rough time you have spent doing it. You will feel strange and maybe a little bit taken aback while writing down that you have played a video game for two hours, or watched cat videos for half an hour instead of being productive. This will also make you realize how much time you are wasting. This does not imply that you must be absolutely productive and engaged all the time, but it will help you greatly to see the time-slots that you can fill with other activities that will bring you joy and the much deserved and wanted feeling of accomplishment.

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