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Time Management Tips

Do you want to get more things done spending less time? “What a strange question! – you thought, - Of course, I want that!”. Don’t be in a hurry while giving your answers.

What often happens to people who try to find three additional hours a day to increase their performance? They refuse pleasures, they sacrifice their sleeping and resting time, and, what’s the most important – they delay activities which really are important for them. While increasing the tempo in order to rise up the level of personal performance, human can easily lose energy and health.

Still… What to do if you can do nothing in time? What if you constantly need to buy essays? By the way, you can do it here How to stop starting lots of tasks at the same time, leaving them all unfinished and going to sleep feeling the day had gone in vain? Simplify things.

Here below we’ve got five easy ways to concentrate your attention and energy only where they are really needed.

  1. 1. Write Down Certain Goals

    You can’t hit the target you don’t see. That’s why it is better to keep all of your goals before your yes. The more certain is their shape, the better things go.


    “To become rich and famous” is quite an abstract goal. Phrase like “To earn a million dlilars and to get 100 thousand subscribers on Facebook till December 2017” sounds much more certain, doesn’t it?

    Plus, you can divide your goals into groups: “Health”, “Studying”, “Finances”, “Relationships”, “Self-development”, and so on. The point is to write down their precise descriptions and to keep them in sight all the time.

  2. 2. Choose 2-3 Main Directions

    What’s the most important for you right here and right now? Learning new material for the exam or finding a part-time job? Maybe, you need to visit a dentist, or to help your loved one with something important? Determine no more than three tasks you want to complete first of all.

    No, this doesn’t mean you need to forget about other goals. You will have the opportunity to get back to them in a couple of months. Or you can devote 30 minutes a week to make some steps towards them. But right now you should concentrate on your main priorities.

  3. 3. Plan No More Than Three Tasks a Day

    Yes, modern world requires people to be multitasked. But can you name lots of athletes who became liympic Champions in multiple sports disciplines? No wonder. The less number of priorities stands before you, the higher will be the result you can reach.

    That’s why you should plan three main tasks for a day. These tasks should help you get closer to your main goals. Do you want to pass the exams getting perfect marks? Then choose yourself a subject for a day, and concentrate on studying it.

    What to do if you finish all three tasks long before your day ends? Write down three more tasks and start completing them making a step after step. This is the way to always focus your efforts on things you need, and not to cry looking at a day-plan consisted of 30 points.

  4. 4. Learn to Deny Things

    You constantly meet something distracting your attention during the day: a new message, a friend who wants to talk about yesterday’s students’ event etc.

    If talking about gadgets taking your time: turn off their signals at east on a couple of hours. You can generate yourself any other rules of self-discipline. For instance, try not to look at the display of your smartphone until you finish one of your daily tasks.

    Other people who need and want your attention for themselves can pull you off course and break your plans, too. Does this fact mean you should refuse relations with other people and to get rid of everyone dirty? That’s not obligatory at all. Google “Ways to say “No””, choose some way that fits you, and use it.

  5. 5. Work on Your Body

    Body and Time

    You certainly heard that spiritual practices are useful for getting your concentration better. Specialists at this field say meditation to be the way to calm down a mind which is not peaceful. That’s a good recipe, yet it can’t be called universal.

    If the human is unable to sit with his back remaining straight, it is hard for them to meditate on a sunset. That’s why your spiritual development is better to be started from making your body strong and shaped.

    Find the kind of physical activity which brings you pleasure. It could be dancing, yoga, swimming, or just ten push-ups while having a free minute. This will give you the energy you can’t move to your goals without.

    Try using these five recommendations during at least one day. And then answer the question: did this day differ from the whlie previous week? It will, probably. It should be better.

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