Writing a School Essay on How to Spend Summer Vacation

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Even a school essay on how you have spent your summer might be a tough task if you did nothing interesting during your vacation. The solution is to make a plan of activities or places to visit during your summer time. You can not only order the required school essay, but also request a plan of actions to be created for you at GreatPaper.Co.Uk.

Find More Time to Travel to Some New Places

It doesn’t matter where you go: you may visit the nearest town with your friends or go to another country, the idea is to get out of your comfort zone. Before visiting a new city, make a list of interesting places: cafes, stores, museums, parks, etc. If the city has a rich history, then you may visit locations where the most important historical events took place.

Spend the Whole Day Playing Games

In case there is no possibility to make short trips, you may gather with your friends and play different games, like hide-and-seek, capture the flag, four-square, etc. Such games won’t only develop your soft skills, such as cooperation with teammates, but also will develop your imagination. Besides, you may describe the most favorite game or sport you usually do in summer in your school essay.

Organize Camping Weekends with Your Friends


There is no need to go somewhere in the forest: place a tent in your backyard, call your friends and grill marshmallows together! It’s the best idea for those who like comfort and do not want to fight with mosquitoes and gather woods in order to keep warm at night.

Spend Enough Time on Training New Skills

Acquiring new skills is a great opportunity to boast in a school essay about your summer break. You have enough time to learn something new; it can be a foreign language, skateboarding or any music instrument: choose something that appeals to your personality.

Organize a Film Festival at Home

Discussing a film with your friends and sharing personal opinion will deepen your understanding of the movie and bring you some fresh and original ideas. By the way, it is a good possibility to strengthen your friendship and find common interests.

Make a List of Fiction and Non-Fiction Books

If you have no idea what to do, start reading a book. This will improve your spelling and writing skills and enhance your imagination. Start writing a blog where you can write reviews and give advice on what books to read and you may also tell about this hobby in your school essay. Of course, it might be complicated to choose a book at first, that’s why search for top 100 books or best English novels and read reviews.

Improve Yourself Online During Summer Breaks

Many universities and online platforms offer summer courses, where you can not only gain knowledge on any subject, but also make new friends and talk to the experts in the selected sphere. Another option is to subscribe to an educational channel on YouTube, like Khan Academy or TED.Here you will find videos on any topic you are interested in. Thus, you may include some interesting courses that you listened to in your school essay and mention what interesting things you’ve learned during the course and why somebody should watch it. To learn more about emphasizing the educational aspect of your holidays, it will be a good idea to hire essay writers for the help. Do not forget, that summer holidays are the best part of your school life. That’s why you should enjoy your time and relax in order to gather strength for the upcoming school year.

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