Studying Abroad: Make Your Own Choice


If you are facing a tough decision, or you need to write an original essay built on an analysis, this article can help you or you can order it at Even though most of the time we can hear only the positive sides of studying abroad, it is not necessarily true that it is a cloudless experience. We are never warned about the possible drawbacks. At the same time, if our relatives or friends only warn us about the dangers of leaving the country, we may be confused as to why should we go abroad at all. Our team has analyzed the most common positive and negative aspects and provided them in this article for your benefit.


What could be better than discovering a whole new world? Studying abroad is definitely a big experience that can change the course of your life. Here are the main reasons.

Brand New Situations

Are you a fan of meeting new people, immersing yourself in a new culture, even trying new dishes? Then, studying abroad could be a perfect chance for you to do just that while you are young. Not a single day will be boring, if you are placed into a completely different atmosphere, as you will see how the different world lives every day. You can explore every corner of the new world and write about the exciting experiences in your blog, or take lots of photos to show to your friends and relatives back home. Fun is guaranteed!


Just like going to college to a new city, going abroad is bound to make you even more independent and mature. In a new country you need to figure out how to survive either by economizing the money you are given on your grant or by working part-time in a completely new environment. Not only that, you have to learn how to navigate the city, organize your time efficiently and learn the most in the shortest amount of time. At the same time, you need to be responsible for your actions in a much wider way, as you are representing your country abroad.

Broadening Horizons

There is nothing more enlightening than getting out of your house and exploring your neighborhood. The same applies to an outing on a bigger scale. As soon as you leave the country you will see how different the mentality is of those who leave outside of it. Even if you read a lot of books or watch a lot of movies about the customs of another country, you will be faced with unexpected situations that were part of the difference of your culture with the foreign one. You will see how big is the world we live in and how many unique sides of it there are that you have not seen yet.

Traveling Globe


Is there another side of the studying abroad coin? Of course. Any experience may have a negative side too, and here are the main downsides that could leave you with a bad impression. Consider them before purchasing your plane ticket to get to another country for your studying.

Trouble Adapting

No matter how many guidebooks you read beforehand, there are bound to be unexpected situations. Even the jet lag can be a thing that may ruin your experience, not to mention surviving in a different world on your own. If you are happy that you can keep up with a dialogue about the weather with a foreign friend, consider a truly worse situation, when you need some exclusive medicine or have a sudden accident. It may be hard not only to understand what to ask the pharmacist, but even find the pharmacy at all.


Culture Barrier

The same fun quirks that you are eagerly waiting to explore can be not much fun at all. You may think that the people are nice, but it will be hard to make some true friends that can last a lifetime, because it is always difficult to become a part of a new group. For example, people in Sweden, Finland and Norway are known to be more reserved, and approaching them carelessly could result in bigger isolation. Here are some life hacks to avoid cultural miscommunication. However, remember that you will remain a foreigner no matter how hard you try to fit in.

Vain Efforts

All in all, your year aboard could make you feel like you are wasting your time. It is sad, but sometimes these situations happen. If you have no progress in your field of study, for example a foreign language, it may result that you wasted your efforts and time, when you could have been climbing the career ladder or studying relevant subjects back home.

To conclude, it is only your decision if you want to sail for a new land in order to study, but you must understand that nothing is only black or white, but rather there are two sides of a coin. We hope that this article can help you make the right decision!

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