How to Study Faster, Better and Without Stress

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Studying is a long process, not a single action. You need to remember the information, to understand the point, to use knowledge in real life. As learning is the main thing in the process of gaining new skills, reliable methods are required. writers found some useful recommendations for you.

You can use them one by one or simultaneously in order to study new skills faster. Just remember one thing: mastering a method is a learning process as well, and it requires practice.


Imagine yourself as a student who gained a skill, learnt a subject perfectly or had a great success in studying. How do you feel? Are you proud with the result? Visualization is a great way to gain additional motivation.

Mnemonical Techniques

Mnemonical techniques work because they allow turning the process of studying into a game. And who does not like games? Using memory techniques, you can improve your creative thinking, imagination, and cognitive abilities as well.


Take two ideas or topics (for essay writing, for instance) and think how they can be connected between each other. Their connection can go through overall picture or details as well. When doing this, you create a mental map in your mind, and it helps you study faster and more effectively.


Take a complicated idea and try to think out a simple metaphor that describes its point. In-depth understanding is much more effective than surfaced one, as it allows you to think with abstract terms.


Draw them by hand or use online-services. They are visual and sometimes they are worth thousands of words. Metaphorically, a diagram is an improved version of visualization.

Wall Stickers

Many people think like writing one phrase after another. Stickers allow to develop your lateral thinking and find the most hidden crossings and connections. Insights appear when you have several topics not connected between themselves before your eyes.


Think out your own acronym using definitions you study: ABC or HAM. This way helps to join several ideas into one word. When reminding yourself about it, you’ll remind yourself about everything encrypted into it, too.

Memory Recovery

A simple and effective technique many people think to be dull. Really, why should you stop reading a book and answer questions if you can go on reading and then brag with the quantity of books you have read? But if you really want to consume more information, think out several questions once you finish a chapter and answer them. Try to see the point of events or subjects.

From General to Specific

Mostly, people pay attention to details while they study. But they forget, that small rules serve a big goal. That is why, you should pay attention to the general picture and understand why you do what you do.

Self-Grading Test

Make tests for any subject you learn: Spanish, philosophy, physics, etc. The process of test creation is a great way to dive straight to the point of materials you learn.

Test for Studying

Avoid Gaps

When you start learning something, you remember all the info carefully. A bit later, gaps appear (“This chapter can be missed”, “I understood this part somehow”). These gaps do not allow moving forward.

Create a list of gaps. This is the way not only to improve your knowledge, but to get rid of unnecessary fears as well.


This method lets you concentrate on the ongoing task and to slow down your thinking. Don't you understand the point of a new chapter? Write it by hand, copy it from the book, and think carefully on every word while writing. Think on the paper, put questions and answer them.

Make That Interesting

It sounds obvious… How many times have you started studying new things making yourself do that? Your learning speed suffered a lot from that, didn’t it? Learn to launch the state of interest in your mind.

Kindergarten Rule

How would you explain a new topic to a 5-year-old child? How to make complex things become simple? What words, images and metaphors would you use? That is a great way to “chew” the info for yourself.

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