How to Get Rid of Nervousness

Ways to Stop Being Stressed

There are many people who constantly stay in their stresses, they are always bothered by problems. They keep worrying, no matter if there is a reason for that. When one problem is solved, they start being nervous on anything else.

Once you notice that you start getting this habit, it is time to find out how to stop being nervous, to regain control upon yourself and to stop worrying for nothing.

Problems, cares, working and private questions, they all come one by one, constantly challenging us to deal with them. What’s important to understand: you are not able to stop them. But everyone can decide for themselves, how to face troubles. One can hide his head into sand, just like ostriches. Someone prepares fists to hit hard. Others try to get rid of troubles with jokes and fun. How to calm your nerves down? There is a plan from greatpaper essay writers:!

Face Your Trouble

The rule is: solve problems as they appear. Don’t feel any regrets about the past, think about your future instead. Concentrate on solving troubles which are important for you at the moment. Try to spend every day as well as possible, your life is not worth spoiling your present time with worries about your past. You can’t change what happened there. Yet don’t waste your time with empty dreams about the future – you don’t know what will happen tomorrow. You are to be happy today.

“Calm Down!”

It is impossible to count times you’ve heard these words from the people around you, is it? And how many times did you tell them yourself? But you never could really calm down, you began stressing even more. Let’s take a look from aside. What is your worrying here? Your own emotions! Can’t you, the human, control them? Don’t let your emotions become powerful enough to control your actions and decisions. Keep them tight.

Keep Control

There is a secret: think about what would happen if events will turn out not the way you want. Maybe, the consequences will be not as bad as you think. Prepare yourself to accept them, and figure out the fastest possible solution to the problem. Once it comes to actions, one starts to understand that the source of all troubles was their own mind. It is you who makes the problem to appear.

How does it happen? For example, you’ve written a test, and wait for marks to be announced, feeling extremely stressed. But the exam already passed. And you’ve done everything you could for getting the best grade possible. The worst thing to happen – you’ll need to pass this test once more. So, what? You are alive and healthy. Everything else comes and goes. It’s okay.


By the way, haven’t you mentioned how often they advertise sedative medicines on the radio or TV? Many people are literally addicted to these tablets or drops. As these people say, they don’t want to kill the others, or can stop eating themselves from the inside. Tablets stop tremor, give the silent sleep sometimes, but if you take them, you are to know about the danger which these medicines can bring.  If you are unable to calm your nerves down on your own, this might be the mark of a neurosis which started progressing or already progressed into a serious form. When it comes that complicated – a specialist is the only one who can decide about prescribing any medicine for you to take after analyzing your organism carefully.

Do not take any medicine by yourself, orienting on any advertisements. Unless you’re a doctor, you don’t know and you just can’t know how these medicines may influence you if to take them for a long time without any qualified control. Before running to a drugstore and buying any sedatives, try solving a problem of your nerves on your own. How to do that?

Accept Your Own Imperfection

Many people don’t like themselves. And they worry about this constantly. Inferiority complex develops. Remember: the basis for your internal balance is to love yourself. Love yourself without thinking about how you look like. Keep in mind, that there is no ideal human all over the world. You must not be somebody’s ideal. The same works for anyone else – they live not to fulfill your expectations. Feel angry on your relatives? They are as they are, don’t try to “remake” adult humans, it’s impossible. Want your self-concept to go up? There are numerous books and articles written on this topic – read, work on yourself hardly. Unkind glimpse or rude words shouldn’t kick you off the way.

Learn to Estimate Events Adequately

Most part of us pay too much for some things. If you find anything really important now, it is possible for this thing to lose its value with time. Before you start being nervous, think if the reason is worth it. Maybe, the price is too high?

Get Rid of Guilt

Don’t worry about everything. Stop thinking that “compassion” means “worrying”. The first one comes out of love. Worries come out of your fear. To compassionate means to projectile the situation on yourself and to help with something. Worries are empty in the most cases. If you can’t help, don’t waste your nerves. You shouldn’t take responsibilities for someone’s decisions and deeds, every human has to decide by themselves.

Throw Away Your Fear

It is much worse if your worries are actually based on fears. One woman had such a fear about her husband to cheat on her, that she followed every step he did. Finally, this poor man had nothing to do except of real cheating. Are you afraid of losing weight, getting old, remaining without work? Stop harassing yourself! Half of your fears doesn’t have any serious reasons (yet it will, if you keep thinking on it constantly), and the other half will happen inevitably (getting old, for instance).

No Rush!

Lots of us have their lives planned to minutes. Any unplanned thing kicks these people off their way. No need to explain it is a constant stress source. No rush! It is important to know how to stop and get satisfied with a peaceful calmness around. When one is in a hurry all the time, they are unable to do the main thing – to enjoy a life. Job and pleasure should be balanced throughout your life.

Stressful Situation

There are situations when it is needed for you to pull yourself together. Feel thrills before any public speech? Got screwed by a chief? Somebody on the street was too rude? Choose one of these ways to calm your nerves down fast.

“My Heaven”
Imagine a heavenly place in your mind. It depends on what’s closer to you: a seaside or a plain, a small forest or mountains, or, maybe, your native home. Describe it to yourself in many details, imagine that you are in that place. Here you feel good and calm.
Keep this picture in your mind, and “summon” it when needed. This way is especially effective when you’re stressed and need to make any important decision. Move to your Heaven on a few minutes, and here you go: you can think adequately and solve troubles again.

“Punching Bag”

Sometimes, it is simply necessary to let steam off. If you often get irritated because of indignation, punching bag would help. And if you want to cry some dirty words out, you better not talk dirty, but sing some song or a tongue twister you chose before. Emotions should get their exit, but not in a form of scandals and whining. Songs and twisters will fit here perfectly.

It will be fun for you and people around. Laugh and humor are cures on stress, too.

How to calm down fast while being at the office where there is no punching bag? Keep a towel, or a denim texture near your workplace. When the situation turns that way you want to hit a table with your fist, take that towel, crumple and squeeze it out like a floor cloth, and then throw it away relaxing your whole body. Then drink anything hot. It will be better to use some herbal tea, not a standard coffee.

Contrast Shower

As it is known, this shower can brace and help you to concentrate attention. If there is no opportunity to take shower, just rinse your face with cool (or better with cold) water. Give your face some massage, wash your hands with ice-cold water, listen to the sound produced by the water flow.

Breathing Exercises

It is easy to learn its basic principles. Simple exercises for your breath can give really wonderful effects. Breathe normally, make a few deep breathes. then hold your breath for a moment. This trick gives a flow of the oxygen into your blood, and helps you to gain your internal balance.


Lots of people save themselves from stresses with the help of positive emotions. To pull yourself together, try watching funny pictures or videos, read jokes, remind yourself of funny moments you or your friends had during a life. It will not take lots of time to stop being irritated by little things. And if there appear serious problems, you’ll be able to mobilize covered power reserves of your mind and body to help you make appropriate decisions.

Control your stress, take care of your nerves and live your full life!

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