How to Stop Forgetting?

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Have you caught yourself thinking that you can’t remember a name of a teacher or unable to retell what was learned by heart yesterday? Good memory is not a gift: it is a hard work on yourself. Your brain needs a daily exercise. Of course, it’s impossible to learn the history of the universe just at once, though there are principles that will definitely help to improve memory performance. What you have been looking for so long is given below!

Turn On Your Imagination!

People who remember the huge numbers always have a well-developed imagination. They create an image of a number in a visualized form of a flower, animal or another object, for example two as a swan, six as the lock and so on. A primitive example of animals’ images is only an indication that everything should be associated with something that is easier to remember. The brain likes to have fun. Obvious or completely incomprehensible things are never «stored» permanently. It’s all because we do not have appropriate visual associations in contrast with what we deal every day. To secure long remembering we should imagine an event object as an image or video sequence that plays timeline. The brighter the image, the better it is «deposited» in the memory!


Like a muscle that gets worked out, the complicated brain needs to be considered in a such way too! Do more dances, move, do sports. It improves blood circulation, including those in the brain, activates mental processes that provide the perception, processing and reproduction of information. A good physical condition helps to keep the body and mind toned and fresh. Let yourself have breaks! It improves work capability and trains your brain as well.

Learn And Repeat!

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Learn one small poem each day (if it is difficult, remember: only four lines should be remembered) and start a weekend with friends’ or relatives’ poetry readings. Within a few months, you’ll probably notice that your memory has improved a lot. Moreover, an effective way to improve memory is to study foreign languages. In addition, psychologists proved that the study of languages â??â??is an excellent stimulation of your intellectual ability. Do not forget to repeat researched information at least sometimes. You’d better read it once a day for a week than learn same text or number five hours in a row!

Be Interested!

What you are trying to remember should be important for you. You need to focus your attention on the task, to understand its relevance. This will form a strong and effective relationship between the components of the information that should be postponed in memory. Sometimes we have to deal with the information that seems senseless and useless. Though, ruining the boundaries of limited imagination helps to find an internal interest within yourself. Connect the information with things you are fond of and enjoy the learning process.

Certainly, a good memory requires hard work, besides memory does not exist apart from the intellect. Memory status almost always reflects the general state of mental activity. Trainings always affect the speed and sharpness of thought, and, conversely, the development of thinking leads to improved memory. So working on this, you will gain only better quality of thinking for your personal development.

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