Creating an Essay About Top Tools to Use in Student Startups

The only thing each person seeks is freedom and independence, that’s why people tend start their own small businesses. If you ask them about the reasons, you will definitely hear: “I don’t want to be told what to do” or “I don’t want to depend on the boss and my coworkers,” etc. When you are a student, you face the constant need for money to spend on entertainment, friends, cheap essay writing services, clothes and so on. Of course, there is an option to come to parents with your hand out and complain about the hard life, but everyone knows that the best choice is to start earning money.

Child with Dollars

When I started creating an essay, I carried out a critical analysis of a lot of resources that offer advice on how to start a business or tools that help to develop a business. Nevertheless, a small number of students have a temporary job and even fewer have their own little businesses. The Internet gives a great number of opportunities, though, such as articles on how to create a startup or develop a business because the World Wide Web, first of all, helps to attract customers. Today, it is possible to get income even from your hobbies, like Ray William Johnson, a comedian blogger, does.

I have decided to search for the most popular businesses for students to use this info while creating an essay and I’ve found out top 5 most popular student businesses. Here they are:

  1. Child caretaker;
  2. Tutor;
  3. Promoter;
  4. Residential cleaning service;
  5. Moving service.

Use Good Programs to Organize the Events

Eventbrite is a great tool for a promoter or an event manager because it makes it possible to not only organize events but also to market them. It means that all events that have been created can be followed up by the customers and that can eventually increase sales. By the way, this tool can also be useful for other businesses that include event organizing.

Best Text Editor for Tutors and Writers

While creating an essay, I have realized that the quality of text writing and preparing assignments for pupils to a large extent depends on the program that is used for editing. One of the best text editors is called Atom: it gives the opportunity to format your text in any way you want, outlining the main ideas with bright colors.

Stop Wasting Your Time While Working

The awful thing that makes a bad impact on your productivity is laziness, or, in simple words, the state when you don’t feel like doing anything. Thus, you end up lying on the coach and/or swiping up photos on Instagram. Personally, I have done it several times while creating an essay. By the way, IT-specialists have invented a special program for such lazy bones, it is called Be Focused and it helps to stay focused on one task and track your achievements. Moreover, you can schedule breaks so that you won’t be worn out at the end of your work. Remember that sometime laziness is a sign of exhaustion, and in those cases, you should ask a professional: “Write my essay for me,” and get some rest.

Stay in Touch with Your Pupils or Clients

If your business involves constant talking to people, then you should think of the convenient way to discuss all the questions that arise with your colleagues or customers. I agree that Viber or WhatsApp will be very helpful in this situation, but if you want to talk with a group of people and later download your conversation – try UberConference. Here you can schedule a meeting and when the time of the meeting comes, all the participants will receive the reminder on their phones.

Do Not Let Your Ideas Come and Go

If you are in the process of developing your own startup, then you know the value of a good idea. Alas, people tend to forget their brilliant ideas because they are not accustomed to writing them down. Personally, I always look through all my notes before creating an essay, because sometimes they may contain some fresh ideas or used as a source of inspiration. The most convenient app for me that helps to store all notes is Evernote. With its assistance, you are able to clip web pages and keep the track of all your notes. It’s a paid version that provides an ability for groups of people to collaborate on one project.

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