Mind Your Spelling: Funny Cases and Reasonable Solutions

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There are students, who are quite hard-working and can do numerous tasks at work and for studies, but they get Bs for their college essays or simply get into unpleasant situations (to avoid such cases check this information greatpaper.co.uk/essay-writers). What may be the reason for this? We assume that working a lot reduces attention, and spelling errors occur in their writing.


Here are some cases, when spelling errors turned the regular life situations into perfect plots for jokes. You can also check some visual funny cases of misspelling here.

Working with Deers

Once a girl named Carry had her job application approved and went to the first day at work with willingness and feeling a bit nervous. This made her less attentive, so she started one of her e-mails with the words “Deer Customer.” She was lucky enough to send it to an understanding person, who took this situation with humor and has not sent a complaint about Carry’s abusive behavior.

Surprised Deer

A Bird-Student

Once Jacob has got an e-mail from his professor concerning a poor performance during the course. It disappointed him a lot, so he has immediately messaged professor back saying that he “will do his nest to perform better.” Professor must have been curious about how a nest can help the student to improve his grades, but nevertheless, Jacob has got a second chance to correct his work... and, apparently, spelling.

A Black Magic Ritual

Who could expect that something can go wrong in a regular essay about fall? Well, professor, who was checking an essay by his student, was quite surprised to see some kind of a black magic ritual in an essay. The thing is that the student was writing about yellow and brown leaves, which one can see “looking through the widow.” Whether it was a ghost widow or there is a special way to perform this ritual – we cannot tell.

A Brand-New Superhero!

A little Anthony was writing a creative essay about his favorite superhero, and suddenly a superhorse appeared in his writing. Either it was quite a creative kid, who has created a new superhero, so Marvel should now buy the copyrights for such a good idea, or it was just a misspelling of the word “superheroes.” Together with the Anthony’s teacher, we believe in the second variant.

Discovering Fresh Metaphors

Sometimes spelling errors make essays extra-ordinary. For example, once Caroline has been writing a descriptive essay, and said that she likes watching a sunride. Immediately, a picture of a sun riding across the sky appears in our minds. Unfortunately, Caroline could not understand and evaluate the freshness of the metaphor she has created, since she did not even proofread her essay.



… So, what is the solution and how to make yourself safe from such cases?

Basically, all the methods may be divided into 2 groups.


There are a number of programs, applications and services, which help avoid spelling error. A lot of them are free of charge. You can benefit from the grammar check in Microsoft Word, or use a free version of Grammarly.

Microsoft Word will detect those misspellings, which result in words that do not exist in English at all. Thus, you will not secure yourself from the cases described above (except that hilarious case with superhorse). In case of misspelling, Word will suggest you the variants of the correct spelling. Please, make sure you do not mis-click on the non-suitable word.

Grammarly will help you better, as some words may be shown as “inappropriate” to the context. Nevertheless, algorithms of Grammarly are not that smart to detect all the cases.

Checking by Humans

Nothing is as perfect as a human mind, even though humans may be inattentive or have lack of knowledge. So, here is how you can decrease the possibility of misspellings up to 0% with the help of humans.

Make Sure You Proofread Your Essays

Read your texts again before you think you are done and can submit the paper. Sometimes you may be surprised to see some missed letters or commas in your paper. However, there is one minus of this option: as you have written your paper, and missed some misspellings, there is a high risk that you will miss them again.

Ask Friends or Family Members

If you are not home alone or have some friends online, ask them to double check your paper. They may be not experts, but will definitely recognize a superhorse in your essay.

Contact the Experts

The best choice in this case is placing an order with professional editing service. Such writing services offer experts to proofread your essay. They will make sure you have written everything right, as well as will point out some inaccuracies in the idea flow, suggesting to fix them. If your high grade is worth more than a few bucks, then do not hesitate to hire experts. Moreover, you will be able to get explanations on the common mistakes made, so your writing level will be improved and you will never do the same fails.

So, it is up to you: to watch your spelling or make others laugh at your twits, Facebook posts, essays etc. However, when Facebook post may spoil your reputation, misspellings in essays will cost you academic grades. Not all professors have a good sense of humor; most of them are pedants, who demand all the most minor things to be right about academic paper writing. 

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