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Here are some arguments one can use to write an essay proving smartphones being harmful for people and their health. Provided by professional writers.

With the development of technologies, digital devices got their place in everyone’s life. They give people possibilities of virtual communication, access to the required information, can take photos and provide us all with a wide range of different functions and entertainments. Still, doctors say, that if to use smartphones too intensively, one can hurt his or her health, as smartphones can cause both physical and mental disorders.

People started using smartphones actively in relatively recent times, so final results about their influence onto humans’ organism were not yet received. But the available info allows claiming that getting fond of these smart gadgets can inflict user’s health negatively.

Influence on Bones and Muscles

Smartphone Harm Essay

When a person communicates or plays video games on a smartphone, their neck and hands are in a fixated position. This increases load onto muscles of upper spine, and painful feelings in a neck, shoulders, arms and hands appear exactly due to this. To avoid your body from getting troubles with bones, you should change body position while working and limit smartphone usage during your leisure time.

People often combine phone talks with other activities. In order to free their hands, people hold their devices between a cheek and a shoulder. This can sooner or later cause an osteochondrosis of a neck part of your spine. additionally, a contact between a smartphone and face skin speeds up eldering process for it.

For a long time, scientists thought tunnel syndrome to be caused by one’s work with a “mouse” of a personal computer. But last researches show that kind of pain in arms and fingers can happen to those who use tablets actively, too. In medicine, this happening received its own separate name – smartphone finger syndrome.

Influence on Sense Organs

Intensive usage of smart gadgets causes a negative effect onto the organs of vision. Moreover, the harmful effect of smartphones becomes visible sooner than that of computers or TV-sets. The point is, people use smartphones “on the go”, in public transport etc. So, additionally to the screen flickering, movement and shaking appear. So, eye load increases multiply, and causes computer vision syndrome, coming with eye tiredness and sight clearance decrease.

In order to read a text or to look at small picture details, one needs to take smartphone close to their eyes, and this provokes short-sightedness to appear and progress. British ophthalmologists found out, that a number of people with myopia increased by 35% since the year 1997.

Normally, a human blinks eyes 15 to 18 times per minute, but when a person is deep in the videogame, reading or looking videos, they instinctively do that up to 3 times less frequently, so their eyes get dry. Organism needs to go inside itself to get eyes wet, and this leads to increased blood pressure in those organs, causing the feeling of burn and discomfort.

Listening to music or audiobooks is often happening through headphones usage. When being in the crowded place, a person instinctively tries to listen to surrounding environment through the music, and this has a negative effect onto ears. Additionally, sound volume is often set up to a level which is far from being optimal.

Influence on Neural and Mental Health

Smartphone Mental Health

Since the moment when smartphones crowded the consumer’s massive market, there appeared many neuroses and phobias connected to those smart gadgets. Official medical care branch acknowledges next diseases:

  • Nomophobia – fear and discomfort when losing a phone or having a cellphone network turned off for a certain reason;
  • Cybersickness — nausea and dizziness, orientation loss like when feeling dipping;
  • Internet addiction – the willing to stay in social networks round the clock;
  • phantom call syndrome – listening illusion of a phone call;
  • Google effect – being convinced in a senselessness of a traditional learning and information remembering;
  • Facebook- depression – constant comparing of oneself with other people, feeling the wish to be not who actually one is;

In order to prevent smartphone connected diseases from appearing, it is not obligatory to stop using the gadget. The danger is hidden not in digital devices themselves, but in the excessive dependence of people from their functions. So it is better to start using gadgets moderately, and to use additional time to communicate with family and friends, or to do other useful things.

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