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Lie detector

Who is a profiler? A profiler is a person who supplants a lie detector and tells how to sift out the true from the false.

Nowadays, the gift to recognize a lie is equal to real magic, and there are not so many wizards on our planet. But at the same time, a lie is one of the most widespread phenomena on the Earth: almost every human falls back on it. Someone considers lie as an inevitable component of everyday life, and someone thinks that it is an unacceptable phenomenon. In any case, a person has to distinguish a lie from the truth to be able to avoid unpleasant consequences. How to succeed in it? Let’s discuss the subject.

Write Paper to Recognize a Lie

Firstly, to come up with ways of recognizing a lie you need to comprehend what a lie is. The lie is a very complicated notion that encompasses too many peculiarities and features. In this regard, it is very important to realize all complexity of a particular situation.

According to American experts, the best way to analyze any notion is to write a short essay about it. It is explained by the fact that left brain hemisphere which is responsible for analytical skills takes part in the writing process as well. On this matter, you need to write a short essay that will describe a situation the mostly disturbs you. After that, you will be able to analyze whether it can be considered as a lie or not. To get a sample, you may address uk essay writers.

By the way, it is worth noting that such a practice is called a writing therapy. Writing therapy implies writing various types of papers where a person describes all feelings and emotions that encompass them at a particular moment. Such a practice helps to find out the roots of their problems, find the ways of solving them and come up with ideas of forgetting about these issues. So, do not hesitate to buy a clean sheet of paper and start writing. And if you do not know how to write an essay just type it in search box and Google will tell you. Or you may ask someone to write your essay for you.

How Do Profilers Recognize Truth and Falsehood?

Professional profilers are often asked if there are universal signs of a lie. They always reply that there are no such ones and cannot be. What does it mean when a person scratches his nose during a conversation? Well, most likely, it is just an itch. And when a man looks away? He's just not sure; he's uncomfortable.

You may be surprised but an old offender who has been in prison several times will stare at your eyes and lying for him is like rolling off a log, and a modest girl will be telling the truth but at the same time will blush and look away. Profiling is not a simple set of scripts at all. It is impossible to master a foreign language in two days as well as it is impossible to master the methods of non-instrumental detection of lies at one stroke.

The following signs of lies may not appear during a conversation. They can appear implicitly. And they can be bright. It is important to draw conclusions regarding the context, and if there is a doubt, do not blame the interlocutor for lying.

Fading point

During communication, your interlocutor answers questions relatively quickly. But when you ask a direct, concrete and detailed question, he responds with a delay, as if he is stuck in front of an answer. And it is not because of the thinking process, but an obvious fading when the body seems to freeze. If you notice such a reaction, you should know that this sign may indicate a lie.

In such a method, it is important to ask the concrete and direct question, it must not be general and lengthy one. When a person is lying, a so-called detector triggers errors. The brain seems to resist the answer to an acute question. And it takes some time to find a solution.

Drying of Throat

Person Who Coughs

Let’s suppose you are having a conversation without strong emotions. Talking in soft voice is important! And suddenly you notice that your interlocutor begins to swallow saliva and lick his or her lips. This can also indicate that they are lying to you.

The physiology of this phenomenon is simple. When a person is lying, they may feel a fear. And if the fear is intense enough, there will be an adrenaline rush, whereby the person’s throat will be dried up. It is important to understand that this is only the reaction of the body to the emotion of fear, which can be a sign of a lie under certain conditions. But the context is important. For example, it is clear that an employee is afraid of the boss, then such signs can appear even when he is telling the truth.


You are talking with the person in soft voice again. And after another acute specific question, you notice the following reaction: your interlocutor closes his/her eyes for half a second or two. It is important not to confuse this with a banal blink of the eye. If you are not sure, change the subject, ask other neutral questions. And then go back to the topic again. If the reaction gets repeated, it is very likely that your interlocutor is lying. Thus, the person tries to close themselves from an acute issue. The very same thing you are doing in order to forget about a homework overload (a little tip here: you may ask a cheap essay writing service for help).

Reaction of Contempt

The situation is the same: you are softly talking with a person and ask an acute specific question. You are given a quick and easy response. Do not rush to continue the conversation. You can stand the long pause, then slowly say, with some doubt: "You know, but I believe you." If at that moment, you see a bright emotion of contempt on the interlocutor’s face, you should know – it is a sign of lies.

Lying is the process of socialization. When you lie to a person, they “read” your back reaction. Your faith is very important to a liar. When you endure a pause, the liar begins to experience stress. When you tell him that you believe him, the reaction is very simple: "You are a fool, I have deceived you!"

Lack of Anger

Angry Person

Often the emotion of anger is perceived as a sign of a lie. And it is not so! If you are interviewing a candidate and ask: "Did you take drugs during the last six months?" – in response, you see a sharp emotion of anger, and the answer is "No!" You need to know that they are telling the truth. The lover of taking drugs to expand consciousness will never become angry with such a question. Sometimes he can become an actor and exclaim with surprise, "How could you think of me like this?" But the fact is that uninhabited emotion of anger will be shown by the person who speaks the truth. However, most likely, you will lose the trust of this person, and he can ask such a question even after a couple of years. But you will achieve your goal – you will find out the truth.

Such a practice is closely related to a method of emotion reading, so it would be beneficial to be aware of this method. If you do not understand what emotion reading implies, do not worry and go here. You will find a lot of useful information that will bring you many advantages.

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