Scary Prank Ideas

Fake Spider

Do you like to see people scared and find it funny? Here are some harmless pranks that your friends will never forget. In addition, here are some great ideas for Halloween celebrating.

Face in Window

At the time when nobody is paying attention, you have to put a human’s face picture on the window from the outside. It can be made by yourself or be bought in a special prank shop. Later, in the evening, somebody will be at least surprised.

Trash Bag

Fill trash bags with stuff from prank shop and leave them opened. Choose silicone internals and body parts. One who discovers it will have a heart attack! You can also put foam rubber into these bags and make it look like packed corpses. Leave it near somebody’s house and see the reaction of tenants.


Wear some ragged clothes and paint your face or put the mask on it. You can even buy a mask of antihero from Hollywood’s horrors, like Freddy Krueger for instance. If none of your mates expect this, be sure they will be shocked.


Almost everyone who has ever seen mystical movies about ghosts or poltergeists is afraid of them. Use this fear and make a funny prank. Create rustle and sough in the house, you roommates will be scared anyway.

Ketchup Usage

Buy a lot of ketchup and act like it is blood. You can put it on yourself and make an illusion you are seriously injured, or leave a “blood” print across the house, on the walls and doors. Certainly, if somebody sees it, he will be terrified like in great thrillers.

Fake Blood Prints

Nightmare Under the Bed

It is the usual dread of all kids, so that would be funny if an adult will meet his childhood terror. Buy or make a big doll, make it look like really terrifying with big teeth and long fingers and put it under someone’s bed while he or she is sleeping. After one discovers it he will be frightened like never before.

Disgusting Sweets

If you like cooking, spend some time in the kitchen and prepare unusual sweets, which look like insects, fingers, eyes and worms. Offer somebody to taste such candy when he doesn’t expect. Surprise effect plays a great role, and your victim will feel disgusted definitely.

Picture on the Wall

Print the scary face and put it on the wall or ceiling. Be sure that when somebody notices, he will be terrified.

Spiders Are Here

It is not a secret that many people are scared while seeing even the smallest spider. Use this fear and perform. You can draw little black spiders on the item of everyday usage, make fake nets everywhere and put silicone tarantula near the one who is relaxing. At first, nobody realizes that it is a fake one, and starts screaming.


Create unusual footprints on the snow making them bigger than a human being can have. In the morning when your neighbors discover it, they will be wondering who left it.

All in all, it is significant to remember that jokes and pranks shouldn’t be harmful, it has to be funny and enjoyable. Otherwise, victims can get angry on you for a long time.

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