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Circular Economy: Paper Ideas

Circular Economy

Even in today’s advanced world people continue to use linear ways of production and consumption, even though those have long proven to be unsustainable. This is where the concept of circular economy comes in handy. More and more researchers and world leaders are starting to prop up this idea.

A Zombie Apocalypse: That`s What You Should Do to Survive

Abandoned City

If you`re a big fan of “The Walking Dead”, you must already know what you should do in case a zombie apocalypse occurs. I don`t want to have a negative talk with you, but think about it. You never know what knowledge will be the most useful in your life. Yes, you can spend the next ten minutes scrolling through cat memes, but you can dedicate this time to our article and save your life one day. Perhaps.

An Influence of an Interior Design on Your Writing Skills

Futuristic Apartment

When Rihanna goes on tour, she has very specific and kind of ridiculous requests. Or, as it`s usually called, “a rider”. Riri demands one-of-a-kind drapes, they have to be blue or black, layered with “ice-blue chiffon”. Seems like a more or less reasonable request, she`s a superstar after all. But that`s not it. An animal-print throw rug is an absolute must-have in her dressing room. And all kinds of candles! So many candles with so many scents!

Philanthropy and Universities: Essay Sample


Did you know that universities are the most enduring institutions in the world? Out of 85 institutions which persisted throughout 5 centuries after their foundation, 70 are universities. The latter include the Catholic church, the British parliament and some Swiss cantons. Talk about the power of knowledge.

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