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Bus Trip Tip List

X Marks the Spot

Newbie travelers can think bus to be a perfect transport. You move towards the required place, see landscapes through the window, and can even sleep if you want: pure ideal! But in reality, long bus trips can be much harder and tiring than getting to the summit of a mountain. Here are tips from our authors and experienced travelers, which should make you prepared to a trip in a way you could get only pleasant impressions from it.

Journey Advice List


Vacation season gets closer every day, so there is the reason to think about comfortable journeys. Here are useful tips from our authors, which will let you rest comfortably and not to get into a bankruptcy at the same time.

11 Depression Signs

Cheerful Mask

Many people get used to deal with their inner demons so well that people around simply don’t see anything. Still, depressed people have certain skills which can characterize their mental state. Our authors created a list of such skills.

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