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An Influence of an Interior Design on Your Writing Skills

Futuristic Apartment

When Rihanna goes on tour, she has very specific and kind of ridiculous requests. Or, as it`s usually called, “a rider”. Riri demands one-of-a-kind drapes, they have to be blue or black, layered with “ice-blue chiffon”. Seems like a more or less reasonable request, she`s a superstar after all. But that`s not it. An animal-print throw rug is an absolute must-have in her dressing room. And all kinds of candles! So many candles with so many scents!

Philanthropy and Universities: Essay Sample


Did you know that universities are the most enduring institutions in the world? Out of 85 institutions which persisted throughout 5 centuries after their foundation, 70 are universities. The latter include the Catholic church, the British parliament and some Swiss cantons. Talk about the power of knowledge.

Human Impact on Ecology: Essay Ideas


Even if you live in a concrete city, you should still care about the extinction of millions of species around the globe. The truth is that no matter where you live – the world is so interconnected nowadays that if something somewhere goes wrong – you will be affected.

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