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Learning Another Language: How It Can Improve Your Cognitive Abilities

Hello in Different Languages

Cerebral recovery after head trauma or stroke and the transformation that the process of studying a new language causes in the brain and body are the favorite areas of some neurologists and professors, so they tell us more about the path of studying languages in the meanders of our brain. How can you ameliorate your brain productivity and study skills to learn faster? Let us discuss it.

Essay on Two Main Versions of a World Language

Variants of English

English is a world language. This is why it differs slightly depending on the area where it is spoken. British and American English are the two most influential versions. If you’re getting to grips with the language, it’s important to know the differences between them and not to use BrE and AmE interchangeably, whether in an essay or in an e-mail to a friend. Otherwise, you may have trouble getting ahead in your career or passing an English test.

Writing a School Essay on How to Spend Summer Vacation

Girl with Mobile Phone

Even a school essay on how you have spent your summer might be a tough task if you did nothing interesting during your vacation. The solution is to make a plan of activities or places to visit during your summer time. You can not only order the required school essay, but also request a plan of actions to be created for you at GreatPaper.Co.Uk.

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