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How to Study Faster, Better and Without Stress

No Stress Student

Studying is a long process, not a single action. You need to remember the information, to understand the point, to use knowledge in real life. As learning is the main thing in the process of gaining new skills, reliable methods are required. writers found some useful recommendations for you.

Learning English: Introverts & Extroverts

Extravert Learning English

Do you know what the role of your character and behavior is, in the process of learning foreign languages? In order for you to take your advantages and disadvantages into account, to correct your program and to start learning the right way, writers tell you about how introverts and extraverts should learn English.

Students and 7 Myths about Professional Calling

Students and their Calling

The feeling that you live someone else’s life can appear in anyone’s mind. It appears that your activity doesn’t bring you satisfaction (it can be about both studying and job). Of course, uninteresting studying usually goes before uninteresting job. But if to delay with that, you risk to live your life not as you want it to. As only you understand that your activity does not fit you, it is required to take actions.

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