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Mistakes When Writing an Essay

Essay Mistakes

Unlike tests, essays do not present multiple choice format (when you need to choose between different possible answers). Essay writing is not strictly limited with time, you can rewrite it many times, and you can ask friends to read your essay. Use all possibilities you have to avoid making these widespread mistakes.

Is Admission Essay Important?

Admission Essay Writing

You can have good or even satisfactory marks, and you still can enter Harvard. Average results on TOEFL and GMAT can lead you to Stanford. This often happens, essay writers of our service know that for sure. The point is in good writing, which shows your goals and ambitions, discloses your talents and potential. Usually, when entering a high school, you need to write one or two essays.

Write in English with Sir Winston Churchill: Selected Terms & Quotes

Many Old Newspapers

A prominent politician and world leader, a Nobel-prize winning historical writer, a self-taught painter, a good friend and a sensitive family man – how could all these personalities get along inside Sir Winston Leonard Spencer-Churchill? Probably, if Twitter had been invented in those times, Sir Churchill would have had more subscribers than all modern politicians combined. And not only because he was such a many-sided person, whose life was definitely full of events.

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