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Research Paper for English Language. Part 1: History and Culture

Old Books and Candles

Language is probably the most ubiquitous tool we use to satisfy our needs and get what we want on a daily basis. Our ability to speak and write seems so natural and obvious that it may appear quite difficult to come up with an idea of a narrow and exhaustive topic for decent linguistic research. Especially when you realize that your findings should be presented in a 10-page research paper and meet all possible standards of academic writing and investigation.

Book Writing Tips

Book Writer

Many people want to become writers even in our times. Of course, this profession lost its popularity and prestige, but many creative people live thinking about starting to write a book one day, and creating a masterpiece. Here are eight of the most interesting and required tips for amateur and professional writers or those who have plans to become ones.   

Shaping up Gym English


Writers of our online essay service created a list of English words and phrases that will be helpful for free communication while exercising at the gym. Fitness-gum slang, running idioms, phrases of famous coaches. Bulk your sports English up!

Internet Slang Explanation: Stay Trendy

Internet Slang

In recent years, there appeared lots of communicational channels and instruments in our lives. Humanity can’t imagine their reality without personal computers, laptops, mobile phones and smartphones, and without apps that allow to communicate using these devices. It is logical, that the language itself changes with the introduction of new ways of sending messages. Our essay writing service would like to offer you making your English lexicon wider by getting familiar with Internet and SMS abbreviations and shortened word. Actualize your knowledge with us!

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