Hints on How to Look Good on Photos

Half a century ago taking a photo was a special occasion, people would put their best outfit on, and the pictures were kept in the house as some kind of pocket-sized treasure. Nowadays pictures are being taken everywhere, all the time, by everybody, so there is no way for you to spend half a day getting ready for the photoshoot. It is better to keep some tricks in mind just in case you know you might be captured on a picture. So, what are the secrets of perfect pictures?

Do a little investigation

What you need to do first is looking through the photos of you. Find the pictures you particularly like and those you think are really not good. You can also look through the pictures of others, so you can objectively tell, what are the problems with the pictures. There might be some of the following ones:

  • The light is too dim or too bright;
  • Absence of the smile or an unnatural smile;
  • Colors of the clothes that don’t suit you;
  • Closed eyes or, on the contrary, eyes that are too widely open;
  • Wrong perspective;
  • The background is too colorful or too dull.

Once you have done it, remember the flaws and the good points of those pictures, so they will guide you later.

photo album

Mind your clothes

Fist of all, clothes should suit you, and by suit we mean they should make a good combination with your skin tone, color of your hair and eyes, and should put accents on your body assets. Overall, natural colors look good, plus sole-colored pieces of clothing look better than patterned ones, so try to not have more than one patterned thing on you. Of course, the most important thing is that you should feel comfortable and self-confident in the outfit you are wearing.

Turn your body a bit

The best angle for a good picture is 45 degrees. It helps to create a good perspective and will make the photo look more natural. Just remember the photos for documents and you will know exactly, how you shouldn’t stand in front of the camera.

Think about the position

If you don’t want to look like a robot, do not take a soldier-like position. Arms that are tightly pressed to the body also make it look bigger. Let yourself move a bit, bend your arms, be natural. The only thing about the soldier position that should be remembered is a straight back. Do not stand all hunched up, it will make you look insecure.


Show your real emotions

Try to think of something nice right before the picture is taken, so your smile is natural and relaxed. In case you are afraid to have your eyes closed, try closing them and opening right before the picture is taken – ask the photographer to tell you in advance when this is going to happen. Try to avoid having the same facial expression on all your pictures as well, as being different means being interesting when it comes to pictures.

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