How to Start a New Life: Recommendations

Nineteen Advices

I won’t say that it is easy. Actually, it is not. Don’t believe people who say that the only thing needed is your will and faith. That’s cool if you have both, but not enough. Andrew Mathews wrote there is no any balance in human life. Every single moment is your move to a perfection, or your degradation. And that is true, to be clear. So, our essay writers and editors (choose the one for you at have got no time to explain. GO! FORWARD!

  1. Inspiration or despair?

    A writer and a business coach Jim Ron once said there are two reasons to make changes: your inspiration or your despair. If you don’t follow something that inspired you, desperation will come. The question is: will you wait for it?

  2. “Fine, I’m on the bottom”. Great! Congratulations! Make this bottom a solid fundament you can stand on.
  3. Any simple action is good to start. Do morning exercises, meditate, read books after you wake up, or simply cover the bed. One guy decided to overcome the “action stop” by cleaning his teeth nicely in the morning and in the evening. Till the moment of this decision, he was already done with his life: both business and family were totally destroyed. Sounds strange, but that’s true: teeth cleaning gave him his first kick. Soon he started to run in the morning, and then met his “right company”. As a result, our hero opened his own start-up, which is successfully being developed nowadays. One simple action for the discipline can change everything.
  4. Those who find themselves totally destroyed can try to start from an impulse. What might become your impulse? Anything that can make you move and feel how your life tastes: parachute jump, rising yourself up on a mountain, public speech. One can pass the “Hell Week” presented by Erik Larssen, the former operative of Norwegian SpecOps. This impulse is to give you the energy for your first steps.
  5. “Can I find something not that serious?” You can. Go read a lot. Reading a book during a week will lead you to more than fifty books read during a year. That’s enough for a giant dash forward. Point after point, books totally change your way of thinking.
  6. Find “your company”. Finding people you feel comfortable with means a half of your success.
  7. Many advices say to find a favorite business. Actually, these words don’t quite cut it. A vocation is not always found in a favorite business or hobby. It often gets formed of a problem human wants to solve. Somebody wants to lose weight and then becomes a successful fitness coach. Other human wants to find an underwear worth buying, and finally develops a company making them a billionaire (like Sarah Blakely, the youngest billionaire appeared in 2012). That’s what is to be called “obsession”.

    Forget about “favorite business”. Look for obsession.

  8. Think about a product, service or thing you would like to use. What can you produce or say in order to help the others? What would you do being sure you’ll make it?
  9. Just start. Once you find something you really like, go and start doing it. If you decided to become a writer, go and write the first chapter of your book. Then write another one. And one more. And then a book. If that’s your first book, you probably are going to burn it. Repeat everything once again, and the result will be much better.
  10. Nobody knows how to come where he came. It is often heard about goals and reaching them. But think: does anyone know the end when he is at the very beginning? That is something impossible to figure out. Bill Gates got asked about his feelings on crossing the finish line. He answered: “If I knew where this line is, I’d cross it long ago.”
  11. 10000 hours’ rule. “How long does it take someone to see me?” Here is the estimate. 20 hours is enough for any human to start doing anything passably. 100 hours and you won’t feel your shame. 1000 hours raise you to a level of a good middle. 3000 - You’re a pro. 5000 – and you’ll be able to earn some good money for your deal. And finally, famous 10000 hours will make the whole world hear of you.
  12. Obsession is a bonfire. First you start burning. Then the others come to your light and warmth. They bring possibilities and resources. You feed yourself with your obsession, then it makes you remarkable, and then your glory comes to you.
  13. Imitating is fine. When one starts a career, everything they do is an imitation. Repeat after others, and then you’ll hear your own voice.
  14. “I write/draw/work the whole year already, and still haven’t earned my million yet!” That might seem to be sad, but the year is only the beginning.
  15. “Nobody believes in me!” It doesn’t matter. What you’ve got to do is to keep moving. Don’t stop! Physics is physics: if you work a lot, you’ll make it anyway.
  16. “Experts say I won’t make it!” Walt Disney was thrown out of a magazine for the “lack of imagination”. Do you want to hear anything else on the “expert opinion”?
  17. Once you’re scared, imagine you’re a fireman. When he enters the building, which is on fire, he’s scared, too. But his fear falls back once he’s inside: he’s got a job to do, he is to save people. Start acting, and you won’t have time to be scared.
  18. “What if I won’t make it?” Maybe, you won’t. Yet any action increases your chance for success.
  19. You can’t become who you want to be remaining who you already are. At any case, you’ll need to make a choice. If you always choose “bread”, not “being slim”, don’t feel surprised you don’t reach the desired goal.

What to say as a conclusion? Really, who you are is the result of what you decided in your past. Never stop for too long, and your new life will bring you lots of pleasant surprises.

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