Ten Ways to Find New Friends

Circle of Friends

Our essay writers (find more information about them here: greatpaper.co.uk/essay-writers) have got their break and decided to give some advices on finding new friends. Plus, same words describe how not to lose your old ones, too.

Way One

Before you start seeking new friends, it is better to think what exactly you want to get from this relationship.

Do you need a colleague to share your working interests and to solve troubles with? Or a partner, who will share your hobbies and go for a training with you? Or, maybe, you would like to meet someone communicative to make your connections wider? There are lots of possible variations. It will be much easier to find what you need if you determine what is required. You will be able to concentrate on your search, and not to waste your time trying to find friends where they can’t be.

Way Two

The most obvious way: finding friends in places where they are.

Groups and clubs connected with your hobby are at your service! Chatting on forums and in social media communities is a suitable and comfortable communicational channel. Even if you are the shiest person ever. Just find the group of people discussing the topic you’re interested in, and go write my essay to receive some comments!

Way Three

Learn how to provide a conversation, and you'll enter any community easily.

There are people who can talk about anything around. And it seems natural for them. On the other side, someone can’t say even a word while surrounded by unfamiliar people.

This is the way not only to lose possible attention. Maybe somebody doesn’t want it at all, it often happens anyway. But finding the ways to equally touch each other through communication is important. And that is what can’t be lost if you want to build new connections.

There is nothing scary if you communicate. Put questions, show a sincere interest in your companion while talking, and don’t look aside at something else. While communicating with a new person, you might mention your name a couple times, and say other important information for your companion to remember and associate with you later. Additionally, try to get any contact info at any talk: phone number, Skype, Facebook profile, e-mail. This will give you the possibility to continue building your new companionship in future.

Way Four

Use any possibility to make your contacts wider.

Once you come to a party, don’t stop on talks with your friends. Just come to somebody, say what your name is, and start talking, even if the topic will sound like “the weather”. Be a sincere speaker and attentive listener, and this single short chatting might become the first step towards the strong friendship in future.

Way Five

Be the initiator.

Once you met someone, invite them to hang out together in future, due to continuing your communication. Cafe, cinema, stadium, just walking around: it can be anything. Think about your common interests and hobbies, and how to use them. If there is a newbie coming to your company, invite them for a cup of coffee. Talk to your fellow travelers while going somewhere by train instead of sleeping peacefully. Many people are just too shy to be first to talk, so show the initiative bravely, this will make things only better.

Way Six

Make your neighbors your friends.

The strongest friendship often starts on a staircase. If to speak figuratively, of course. So it is strange that lots of people know literally nothing about their neighbors. Always be helpful and friendly, invite them for a cup of tea, offer some assistance. Sooner or later, this will make a good service to you. Neighbors are the closest people. Even if the distance between you and them is only geographical.

Way Seven

If you’ve got friends on the Internet, always try making virtual relationships to become real ones.

If your net-friend lives in another city, you always can offer them coming with a visit to you, or to meet him while being in their area some time. The strongest friendship is generally made through reality, not through an anonymous and faceless skype window. Keep in mind: it is much better to meet each other in a public place, crowded by people. This will help you both by denying mutual constraints a little.

Way Eight

Support your contacts.

Once you got in touch with someone, keep this contact alive, don’t forget about the new person. Call them, write them a message to find out how are they doing. Ask about the working problems if you’ve talked about them during your meeting. If not about the work, then about family, a car, a hobby, anything… You’ll find the topic, for sure. If you need any reason to make a call, you always have it. It is called a “good mood”. “Today is a good day, so I decided to call my good mate”. Don’t be afraid to look intrusive. People often like when someone is interested in their person. And helping someone once you have the ability is even more cool.

Way Nine

Don’t leave politeness and respect behind.

Of course, the real friend can invade your apartment at 6 AM and ask for some coffee! But still, if someone calls you a friend, it is not a reason to forget about good manners and being polite. Remain sincere and honest, don’t spread any gossips on your friends, don’t reveal their secrets and don’t lie to them. Stay thankful according to your friends, and their quantity will grow constantly.

Way Ten

Once you and your friend got some troubles behind, don’t show your tough temper.

Make the first step towards solving a problem and finding peace. Earning someone’s trust and respect is not an easy deal. Yet destroying a friendship is way easier than it might seem. That’s why you should never postpone solving any relationship troubles. Such an active indifference can lead you both to a complete break up of your friendship. Take care of it. And if you often feel angry because of your friend, not even willing to see them: try to calm down and decide if this friendship is so important for you or it is not.  


Once you find a new friend, acquaint him with others. You have all the needed possibilities to make a wide net of your connections. The wider it is the more beautiful and wonderful your life becomes!

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