Essay About the Most Important Points of March for Our Lives

March for Our Lives

The gun violence was a national issue for a long time, but only recently society started to panic more vocally – when mass killings at schools started. Teenagers could not tolerate the assaults involving weapons inside the educational buildings and started to show their protest. The turning point in the story is an incident at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida that killed 17 innocent souls. Can you imagine how shocked students were when the shooting began? School is associated with safety and you just do not expect to see brutality there. Survivors of this shooting, including Emma Gonzalez, Jaclyn Corin, Cameron Kasky, Alex Wind and David Hogg, first announced the March For Our Lives, a protest of a whole nation against violence that started on March 24 at 10 a.m. in Washington D. C. and many cities around the US. Children were stripped of all school activities – from writing essays to playing football. So, it is completely fair that they are angry because of lack of action from the officials. To get an essay on the causes of school killings, you may go to GreatPaper.Co.Uk.

Privilege Call Out

Young men and women that initiated the walk all managed to state their opinions from the stage. Among everything they wanted to tell to the gathered crowd, pupils spoke their concerns about racism and white privilege. David Hogg from the Marjory Stoneman stated that 25% of the community at his campus is black, but they did not get as much attention as white students. Children want to inform that assaults with weapons are an equal concern for all people – not to mention their race, sex, and age. They did not have to write essays or long texts for social media if the whole nation heard their speeches from the stage. If you want to contribute to the issue solution with your own persuasive writing, feel free to do so.

We Still Have Hope

Martin Luther King was among the most powerful civil rights leaders that captured hearts of Americans forever with his speech “I Have a Dream.” Now it’s his granddaughter’s turn to change the world. 9-year-old Yolanda Renee King took the stage on the day of the meeting to tell that we cannot beat violence with ferocity. The little girl stated that she sees the world just like her grandfather did – peaceful and equal. Yolanda said that she has a dream that this should be a gun-free world. Her words evoked applause and loud cheers from the crowd. This moment certainly was a part of essays, articles, and TV-news. This girl will grow up to be another leader – that is true.

Emma’s Silent Power

One of the survivors of the incident, Emma Gonzalez, gave the most powerful speech from the whole event. The speech started with the silence that got attention from the crowd and TV audience immediately. The pause lasted for 6 minutes and about 20 seconds, and then Emma revealed the reason behind the long silence. Emma said that in a little over six minutes, 17 of their friends were killed and 15 were traumatized. Every person from the Douglas was forever altered. This girl is so young, can you believe how smart and strong she is? You can see how important is an introduction to an essay, so when writing on this issue, try to find a powerful one.

We Are Sick of It

Imagine how shocked participants of the event were when they saw a shot girl come on the stage to tell her emotional speech and get physically sick from all she had to survive. Sam Fuentes struggled with sickness on the stage and managed to tell that she is here only so that no one will get hurt in the future before literally throwing up. Girl proudly recovered and continued her speech, but she became an image of how sick and unneeded roughness is. This is very hard to put into words for an essay. This is the moment that has to be seen.

The March for Our Lives was unique and powerful by a whole, without breaking it into pieces. This event was organized by the teens with pure hearts that were not at school writing essay, but were on stage fighting for the right thing.

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