Financial Mistakes of Love

Money and Love

You are in love, and you fly happy. You don’t want to think about something like money. You shouldn’t do like that. It is easy to make mistakes while being under the influence of your high feelings.

Love influences our brain. This is what scientists found out. People who are in love have some sectors of their brains more active that the ones who aren’t. But intensive activities are not always useful.

Don’t think money matter nothing in your relationships. Financial questions were the reason of break-ups for many couples. Our writers from, and psychologists among them as well, offer you to think if you don’t do one of the following mistakes.

  • 1. You Always Pay for Your Sweetheart

    You want to show your generosity and to take care about your loved one. Romantic wishes are cool, but still don’t start giving everything up. It is dangerous to pay everything on your own.

    Sooner or later, one of the partners will feel that he or she is being used, and this will be the reason for an insult. Or they can start pushing onto a partner, using the fact of “who pays – rules a party”.

    Another unpleasant way for events to go: a supported partner starts thinking of a loved one as of a walking credit card, and this is not about love anymore.

    Trust and care are fine. But only if you both keep balance. Are you sure that you’ll make it? Prove your love with deeds and gifts, but don’t start taking care of all the expenses on your own.

  • 2. You Adjust to Partner’s Habits

    The difference in incomes and in attitude to money influences one’s habits. Some people prefer gathering money, someone else thinks it is good to live full life today. When one partner tries to get the habits of the other one, things are quite doubtful.

    For instance, a couple goes to an expensive resort for a vacation. But the wealthy partner lives there with no problems, and the one not that rich have only bread and water. It is normal to sacrifice something to your love. But as soon as this is done by only one partner, relationship is over. You risk to lose both love and money as a result.

  • 3. You Don’t Account Financial Possibilities of Your Partner

    If to think that money don’t matter in a relationship, there appears a wish of not paying attention to finances at all. Sometimes it can even lead to paradoxes: like partners fly to the resort in different planes and live in different hotels because it is too expensive for one of them.

    It is not worth making absurd things. It is enough not to care about visiting a restaurant alone again, and you’ll visit them all without your loved one, because he or she will leave you alone.

  • 4. You Became a Guarantor

    It is required to trust a person you love, but it is silly to become a guarantor when your relationships are just at their start. Money can destroy everything.

    Your sweetheart buys a car, an apartment, or any gadget, but buys it for themselves. Credits are to be paid during years sometimes, and nobody can guarantee you to stay together for that long. And if your break-up will be stormy, then your former partner will have an instrument to push on you. Banks don’t care about your love passed, about your relationship crisis and the will to live separately. Banks will demand their money.

    Take loans only with your mind. Feelings away.

  • 5. You Don’t Discuss Common Budget

    Common Budget

    You decided that you can’t live without each other, and now you live together. Send all the money to one place, as the right family. Sounds great, but there is one “but”.

    Common budget is a test for sanity and trust. Are you sure you’re ready for that?

    Even with a half-divided budget, when a couple pays for common needs together and spends the rest of their incomes as they want, it is not always easy to decide if money is spent correctly.

    At the start of a relationship nobody cares about small details: let’s spend common money on food and household chemicals. But then, later you find out that the one partner “eats” the biggest part of this budget. For instance, one partner likes seafood, and the other one has allergy and is enough with cereals. Then you start recounting it all, and start blaming each other.

    In order to not quarrel because of your incomes and exes’s sizes, you need to know exactly where does money come from and how it is distributed. Count your exes detailly and keep up to this plan. It is better than arguing who spent more funds later.

  • 6. You Hide Debts from Your Sweetheart

    A nasty idea, even if you act from your heart (don’t want to worry your partner). You’ll have to hide your incomes together with debts, and lies have never been the good basis for solid relationships.

    Old debts will break your family plans if you’ll cone to a bank for a loan with profitable conditions.

  • 7. You Take Loans to Pay for Your Marriage

    Marriage Loan

    Seriously, don’t do that. Just don’t.

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