Why Is It Important to Lose in an Argument Sometimes?

Remember how you feel during the argument. Remember how you want to prove that your point of view is correct and how you hate when the opponent can prove you wrong. However, it is sometimes good to lose an argument. How is it possible? Here is how you can benefit from it.

It shows you the flaws that should be worked on

Everything in the world is moving, and people should improve in order to catch up with it. Nothing will course you on the way of self-improvement better, than your mistakes. If you have won in the argument, you will end up thinking you know enough to win in other arguments as well and will just stay where you are. Yes, it will make you feel better, but will it improve your personality? Think about it.

Having an argument

It widens your outlook

Not only has the opponent won in the argument, but he has also shown you a different point of view and a new dimension of the problem. You shouldn’t always change your opinion just because someone has better arguments than you do, but it will be good to analyze it and find pros and cons of thinking the way the opponent does. This will improve your flexibility in the future and you will be able to accept any other opinion without a need to argue about it, and not risking ruining the relationship as a result.

It is a signal that you are ready to change

Sometimes you can lose in the argument and admit in order to show you care. If a person says: “I don’t care, I know I am right and don’t you dare trying to influence me!” it raises a wall of misunderstanding between the two. The other person feels neglected and ignored, therefore not needed. Everyone wants to feel they matter, so acting like this is a right way to ruin the relationship you have or hurt your dear friend. If a person says: “I admit I can be wrong, show my flaws and I will work on them” it shows they care, are ready to compromise and expect the same from the other person. Acting this way might work out even when you feel you are 100% right, as you will get a chance to talk about a problem without getting irritated and angry.

Showing you care

It will teach you to turn an argument into a lesson

Once you stop pursuing the success of being the winner, you will start learning from the argument. The best argument is the one, that made both people change their position at least a little bit and has shown the situation in a wider perspective. There will be no losers in an argument like this, as both will benefit by enriching the knowledge without experiencing any negative emotions.

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