Personal Blog Can Change Your Life

The statement in the article’s title can seem to be quite wondering and courageous. But still, there are many examples which confirm it.

There are people who quit their job, went travelling and writing a blog about that: this became their way of earning money for new travels.

Others share their experience of growing children, the secrets of productivity or style in that way. There are many variants. It can be said, that personal blogs changed lives of those people.

So, what are the advantages of providing a blog? Check thoughts of who provide blogs on their own.

  • 1. Clearing One’s Mind


    Something magical happens when one’s thoughts get shaped as a blog text. Chaos disappears, and you understand what exactly you want to say.

    Do you feel there is a lot of trash in your mind? Do you feel unsure about any particular situation? The personal blog is a perfect way to clean your thoughts. Don’t keep up to one topic, be interested in everything. Sometime later, you’ll understand that many topics really have elements in common, and troubles can be systemized into categories and solved much easier due to that.

  • 2. Vulnerability

    This doesn’t seem to have any attitude to positive changes. Though, if to take a look from the other side, things differ: people often try running away from this state of mind, especially when it is needed to prove their own point of view or to accept new thoughts.

    While feeling yourself vulnerable and thinking rationally at the same time, you get a lot more knowledge from any discussion. As a result, you get used to express your mind and not to be afraid of the majority to disagree with them.

    If you are 100% sure in everything, then something is wrong. Doubt your beliefs; be ready to accept another point of view.

  • 3. Creative Expression

    Creative expression if needed to almost every human. It allows on thinking out something new, and then to be proud of oneself and to feel oneself being useful.

    There are different ways of providing the blog using text, graphics, stylistics and so on.

    Even programmers think out ways to present their material originally. The main thing is that, the originality doesn’t influence sense badly. The idea has to be presented in an interesting and creative way, and then more people will read you.

  • 4. Competence Development

    When being accompanied by friends or strangers, people express their viewpoints on purpose. Sometimes, this viewpoint is so old and inadequate that others react with irony. Really, if you found something out in your childhood, this doesn’t mean things not to change.

    Then it is time to read some topical books, to study researches, to ask the others what they think.

    Are you sure you understand the topic you write about that deep? Maybe, you have an immense experience in it, but how long ago did you refresh your knowledges, study new scientific discoveries in that field?

    You can think on self-development, happiness and love basing on your own experience as long as you want, but it won’t be useless to learn some referred materials from other sources.

  • 5. Useful Habits Development

    Providing a blog can develop:

    Despite that, you’ll have to master basis of time-management if you want to provide your blog regularly. And to write when you don’t want to (this is one of professionalism signs).

  • 6. Building Relationships with People You Are Fond Of

    This is one of the key advantages. Let’s think that you are the unique, smart and creative person. But you still weren’t able to surround yourself with people like you, and you keep spending your time in an old buddy circle. This isn’t bad, but new meetings and connections are necessary.

    While developing your personality and showing this in your blog, you attract similar people. You get reputation, respect and experience. Remember that any person visiting your blog probably has a job. They can be businessmen, doctors, lawyers, artists. Such a bunch of personalities develops you as well. Get in contact with them and find out if you can help each other.

  • 7. Communication Skills

    Live and web communication are different, but they have many features in common. You have time to think on your article or answer, to analyze the information, to find out new facts.

    But communication principles are the same in any situation. Develop your communication skills and find how to cooperate with different people.

  • 8. Business Creation

    In order to start a business, you have to provide a blog during few months. So, it is important for you to like doing that. And to do that regularly.

    Provide your readers with valuable information. As soon as you get a certain number of readers, you will be able to look for earning possibilities. The most popular ones are online partnership programs.

  • 9. Planning Your Life

    Life Plan

    If you have a blog, then you have a certain goal, and what is the most important – thoughts about strategy. This means blogging experiments, learning how Internet works and trying to understand what is profitable and effective, and what is not.

Have a good luck!

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