Best Excuses to Quit Studying Any Foreign Language

Foreign Language Learning

Not everyone can become an artist or a composer. But the talent to find excuses for anything is in absolutely every human. Whatever a useful activity is, the way to continue doing nothing can always be found.

Today, we are going to show you a list of exes to quit studying foreign languages. Thanks to them, you’ll be able to successfully justify yourself at any situation, and a thought about you being lazy-bones having no willpower is never going to come to your head.

Now let’s speak seriously. We will tell you how to overcome real and fake obstacles you could meet on the way of mastering one or several foreign languages. Besides, it is strongly recommended to distinguish real obstacles and fake ones, which means objective and artificial barriers. If to go deeper into the problem, one will be able to see all of them to be unreal, thought out, and many real barriers you expect to meet make no sense for a long time already thanks to the technological progress.

Alright, let’s go. Feel motivational kick!

“I Don’t Need That”

Don’t Need

That’s a GREAT self-delusion. You are guaranteed to regret thinking like that some time later. Most probably, you already do, otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this article.

Name professions where knowing any foreign language is absolutely useless. Now ask yourself if you want to go in for those professions.

Even if you like your current part-time or full-time job, and it seems for the foreign language to be really useless there, take a look onto similar vacancies, but those where they offer you to work with foreigners and require a good language level. Your eyes are going to catch up with the salaries offered. Yes, they pay more there.

One foreign girl I knew, could improve her English to a Pre-Intermediate level during less than a year, without sacrificing her free time and rest, and then she could find a similar job, but there she was paid two times as much. Her exes for studying were compensated after she got the first monthly salary on a new place.

Vacancies like that do not often need any special skills. Companies just need people who are able to communicate and understand foreign clients very much.

Foreign language knowledge is unique, as it is able to open new possibilities in your life without getting out of the activity you like. This means, you go on being a manager or a programmer, but you will be able to get a job in companies of a completely another level and to earn completely another funds.

There is no any reason to refuse studying foreign languages, but there are obstacles we mentioned in the very beginning of this text. Real and fake ones. And the most crucial of them is time.

“I’ve Got No Time”

No Time

You always lack it, don’t you? How do you think, is this a real obstacle? Affirmative answer would be correct like ten years ago. Back in those days, you would have to spend time for going to a school or a language course, and then to come back after. It often happens that the course schedule is not comfortable for you. These are problems of old studying methods. Does anyone make you study in old ways?

There is an Internet, available at any time and place: in the laptop, in the tablet, in the smartphone, etc. You don’t have to go to the internet; you don’t have to wait for it. In fact, visiting language courses far from home twice a week is the worst way to study any language. Till the next lesson, you are going to forget everything you learnt during the previous one.

The key to success is simple: surround yourself with that foreign language, study it every day. When studying in the Internet, you can’t waste a single minute in vain, and all the time you could save can be spent on everyday study.

What to use for the effective online studying? There are hundreds of articles touching that question available in the Web. Search them. There are services allowing to improve your lexicon “on the go” by using every single free minute.

Additionally, there are trackers (you know the links, and there are no pirates among our writers), where you can download thousands of films, podcasts and series with original sound and subtitles you need. This method to improve your listening perception of a foreign language is bound to be liked. You watch an interesting movie, but at the same time you learn to understand foreign speech. Just switch the sound version.

Switch operating system language of your computer and smartphone to the one you learn. Do the same with apps. And, of course, books. People sometimes confess they improved their language skills through stubborn and persistent reading of technical literature.

Yet this is not all. Rich lexicon and one-sided perception of speech and writing is not equal to knowing any language. To know the language means to be able to communicate with it.

Here is where everything goes tougher, as you can’t download a collocutor from the Internet. But you can find the one there. There are hundreds of websites offering tutor services, and there are many more people who can become your online friends. By the way, tutor services can offer you quite qualified teachers, and adequate prices.

Well, here we’ve came to the question of price. This is a very strong excuse, especially during the ongoing economical crisis.

“I Have No Money”

Lack of Money

Let’s not mention the archaic studying system discussed above. Group lessons are cheaper, but doubtfully useful. A personal teacher costs you a half of your salary, and you still need to visit him or her. But there are personal Skype tutors who take absolutely another amount of money. Plus, these teachers mostly ask clients what do they study language for, and then create their personal studying plan.

Such affordable prices for online tutors can be explained with teachers’ competition inside every service. Additionally, when you don’t need to pay for a pack of lessons at once, your budget is not going to suffer that hard.

With the general affordability of internet-studying prices, the problem of the budget does not seem to be as real as it used to. Of course, everyone wants to get it all for free, but that can’t ever happen. But such exes today can bring you huge dividends in future.

Besides, about the future… What do you learn that language for?

“I Have No Motivation”

Not Motivated

There is a conscious though about foreign language knowledge to be useful. There is money. There is time. But something deep inside your mind still slows you down. Why? Where can you get that motivation?

You need to seek it in certain goals. Pointless learning for “general improvement” leads to you quitting lessons a bit later and switching to something else.

Give yourself a clear answer to the question: “Why do I need that foreign language?” Most probably, you need it for your career. This motivator is perfectly reliable, solid, having a real use in future as it can offer you better earnings. Maybe, you want to move to another country or just to travel while speaking to locals on your own.

The scale of your plans can scare you, that’s fine. Learning any foreign language is a really big deal. And any serious task should be cut into small pieces. They are easier to track your progress and to move forward across them.

To get inspired, you can read about the experience of other people who felt advantages of knowing additional languages on their own.

By learning only one foreign language you can change your whole life. Do not postpone that, start today.

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