Students and Their Laziness

Reasoning the Lazy Student

Life is not always honest: while being young, full of bright ideas and great future plans, you constantly owe something to someone. One does not simply takes a bag and goes to a journey through Nepal. You’ve got to go to a college or high school first, then to graduate successfully, to find a good job, to become a good specialist, to buy a house, and then… And then it is time to think about family and children! You don’t even want anything at all: routine and everyday problems need you to deal with them.

No, there is no wonder that most part of students prefer to hang out till morning, to travel by auto stop, to go hiking and to entertain themselves in different ways rather than to sit on books. When, if not now?

Despite that, studying is a must. You never know when the knowledge you’ve got would be needed. And if you choose your school not randomly, but by your heart, your diploma will become your springboard (the small one, but it is better than nothing) into your favorite profession.

Reasons of students losing their interest to the studying process might vary from the standard laziness to a deep depression connected to the objective private life circumstances. The first case requires making only small effort on you, the other could require visiting a specialist or even reviewing your life priorities. Authors from our essay writing service are going to take a look onto the most standard situations; for more information click the link:

„Not That” Profession

Pete is a third-generation son in the dynasty of doctors. He knew the difference between the cartilage and the fistula since he was a child, he calmly passes through excursions to the theatre of anatomy, he could consult someone about curing the tonsillitis or the sprain. It’s easy to guess that the question like “Where to study?” didn’t bother him at all. Plus, local medical university’s chancellor is a good friend for Pete’s father.

It’s not difficult for Pete to study. It’s just... horribly boring! The guy is much more interested in making landscape photos. He’s got his talent; his pictures take prizes in different Internet exhibitions, but “that’s not a job” and “doctors always can earn some money”. Everything seems to be right if to think like that, but days pass and Pete feels the lectures push on him, irritating his mind stronger and stronger.

What to do?

Change your profession. If you can’t just take your documents from the medical school and to enter the faculty of photography, because your grandma won’t survive that and your father will demand you to change your surname, then there is no other way except of bearing.

Recommendations? Devote to your favorite hobby as much time as you can. This hobby might become your main activity some time later, once you get a diploma that is needed to your family. After that you can live as you want: an adult person is the one who can choose hot to live on their own.


Students Tired

Mary always loved reading. She won’t understand the joke about three types of presents (the good one, the bad one, and the book) But the phrase “She wasn’t allowed to read and died of a hunger” describes her perfectly. Mary is a great fan of linguistics. Once she entered the faulty of philology, she’s got an access to the local library’s treasures and disappeared from the outer world. It all seems to be fine, but lately the hard-working student Mary started to notice her favorite profession stopped bringing her joy. The girl cries and fails to understand what’s wrong.

What to do?

Have a rest. Eat a lot of your favorite ice-cream. Even the loved profession will bore sooner or later if you devote 24 hours a day to it without any changes. It’s easy to forget about the world around you, and to come out of your books only to eat something irregularly, but there has to be anything else in your life.

Go for a walk, go to the cinema, and meet up with your friends at last! Forbid yourself to touch the books during a single day. Feelings are tested through distance, and it will be only more pleasant to study after a short break.

Falling Behind

Student Private Troubles

Nick is an outstanding student. Diligent, smart and studious one. He went to study mathematics and mechanics by his own decision, he didn’t pay anyone in order to get his place, he likes studying, he keeps up to all the deadlines with his works. Well, he kept up some time ago. Due to family circumstances (he had to look after a non-walking relative), Nick fell off the studying process for 2 months. And advanced mathematics is not something like humanities: reading some books while having free time is not enough. One needs to work really hard, and obligatory with the professor controlling the process.

When Nick dealt with his private troubles and came back to high school, he found out his group moved far forwards, and he can’t understand a single definition during lectures. He hears only the white noise and nature’s sounds. Nick tried to get what he missed on his own, but that caused zero effect. Problems gathered, they grew as a snowball, and some time later the guy gave up. Previously excellent student tries to get his “C” now, and he is happy with his superficial knowledge, because he simply can’t go deeper: a new topic is on the plan.

What to do?

Ask for help. Talk to a friend from the group at school: maybe somebody could help you catch up with the missed material. It is not so rare thing for lecturers themselves being ready to give some free consultations after classes, and to show you the way to systemize volumes of missed information. When things go really bad: go to dean’s office and describe situation honestly there. There are people sitting at those desks, not beasts. Really.

Instead of Conclusion

The situation with the student just being lazy for ages was not described there above for purpose. Laws don’t allow using twigs in the educational process since two hundred years ago, and there’s nothing to do in that case…

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