5 Ways to Keep Smiling In Spite of Negative People

Sometimes it is really hard to remain positive and optimistic. Rainy weather has ruined your plans and you feel really sad? In moments like these the world seems to be really generous to surround you with people that can feel sour taste while eating the sweetest tangerine. How can you see the bright side of life in moments like these? Here are 5 ways to do it.


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  • Be Grateful

    Yes, in the moment when the world seems to be a grey and cruel place you have to think of something you can be grateful for! This is a vital feeling that teaches us to value our life. Show, how grateful you are, say it aloud – give your thanks to a man who is selling newspapers even when it’s cold or to a taxi driver for a safe trip. Just think about how good it is to have this coffee shop here when all you need is a cup of coffee! You will soon notice, how many things remain unnoticed, but exist to make your life better.

  • Remember to Act in Your Own Way

    Our life is what we choose it to be. Everybody makes a choice whether they want to be grumpy or seek for tiny sparkles of sunshine. Remember, you cannot influence other person’s choice; you are only responsible for yours. Stop controlling others or trying to help them – just be yourself, and they will take you as an example.

  • Don’t Take Everything Too Seriously

    They say, that if somebody throws some dirt at you, it might not reach you, but their hands will be covered with this dirt. All the hatred and insults are a problem of the person who feels it, because they cannot analyze the situation and let it go, having learned the lesson. If there is someone complaining or sharing their negative thoughts with you and you cannot help them, just stand back. Once the monologue is finished, both of you will see, that things are not so bad.

  • Think on Your Own Meditating person

    The best thing is not to think the situation through, but to observe it. Imagine your head is a tank, and your thoughts are the swimming fish. Watch it for a while, as if the thoughts are not yours. It will be easier for you to avoid painful experience and remain calm, but not indifferent. Sometimes, when you feel you’re stuck, just observe and don’t do anything until you feel you must. It often happens, that the problem gets solved without you worrying about it.

  • Change Your Attitude

    Don’t try to change the situation, if you know you can’t. Change your perspective. You create everything around you – for you all the things look how you see them and mean what you imagine they mean. You have chosen all the people around you to be in your life. There is no way for you to know exactly how they feel like. Maybe, this person is being aggressive in attempt to hide their insecurity. Once you try to understand the feelings of the person, it will be easier to accept them and stop blaming them for spoiling your day.

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