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What to do to ensure that the internship will lead to a job offer? Nowadays, it becomes hard to find a good job, however, the market is quite wide. The reasons for such a phenomenon are various including increasing requirements of an employer, disparity in salary and responsibilities, lack of career growth, and so on.

But if you are lucky and you have found a great opportunity in the form of an internship at the successful international company, the solution is obvious: you have to do your best and make a lot of efforts in order to implement the desire to build a successful career. How to do it? Let’s discover it together!

Paper for Defining Internship: Is It Worth to Stay at the Company?

We all know how hard it is to find an appropriate internship saying nothing of a well-paid job. In this regard, more often than not, the first internship we have found seems to be the perfect one. Therefore, we do not notice its disadvantages that may have an awful impact on our future career.

Of course, I do not say that the first internship cannot be beneficial - the key point is to comprehend all factors and knowledge that this internship gives to you. The best way to cope with this task is to write a short essay that will describe all moments of your internship including advantages and disadvantages as well. Unfortunately, nobody can do this essay for you, so you will have to focus on many questions. What does internship give to you? Experience? Skill? Or stress? Or maybe dissatisfaction?

After answering these questions, you will comprehend whether this internship contributes to your knowledge and skills or brings more inconveniences rather than benefits. Moreover, it will be useful to add some info about the company to your essay. Does it care about employees? Does it provide them with additional bonuses? Do you have paid holidays? Will you build a successful career there? If you are not aware of how to deal with the writing issue (particularly, writing essays) do not panic and go here. If these examples are not enough for you, then you may ask a cheap essay writing service to get you some additional ones.

Obviously, you can appeal to uk professional essay writers who will help you with this task. Such professionals are called psychotherapists who will tell you how to deal with these issues. Their help is beneficial, so do not neglect it. And do not hesitate to buy a clean sheet of paper and write as much as possible. You will be surprised of how useful such a practice is.

Model of Behaving During Internship

Working Team

The trainee should understand how the employees make a decision whether a trainee has completed the probationary period or not. The manager does not arrive to the conclusion emotionally. Be sure, even at the start of your internship, the future boss makes a checklist of tasks, and at the end of your probationary period, he will make a decision based on the results of the work. Either in favor of the candidate or not.

Therefore, it is very good if the task sounded clearly during the probation period. Ideally, the goals of your work should be extremely clear and implementable. If the young specialists have questions, they should be clarified at the very start. Do not be afraid to ask again; this affects the result of your work. In general, it is important to be able to be interested in people's expectations. Some job positions assume performance, some – an initiative. To look for a healthy balance, it is important to understand your expectations.

In my practice, unfortunately, I had to deal with people who have been disappointed in the profession precisely because of the first negative experience. You should not allow such a situation, where you have been interned for several months in the company, and as a result, you get the verdict "we want to check you again”, to happen at all. A panacea for all these stories is a clear task for a certain period, the implementation of which will influence the decision in favor of the successful completion of the internship.

In order to complete the internship with a job offer, it is recommended to get acquainted with all the employees of the department where you are working as a trainee. You will definitely have questions - it is much easier to ask them, knowing the name of that blonde-haired person or that cute guy. Learn their names by heart and concentrate on work. Do not discuss the details of your personal life with your colleagues: otherwise, you will be remembered not as a diligent and smiling student, but as "you remember, the one who was always arguing with a sweetheart."

Be sure to exchange phones with your mentor in case of late arrivals. But, of course, it's better not to be late. If there was an unforeseen force majeure - be sure to call your mentor and warn about the delay.

And during the internship, do your job quickly and qualitatively. Do not sit idly by if you have completed all the work - does your employer have any other tasks for you? If something does not work out or you do not know how to do it correctly, ask your mentor or colleagues. If something is still not clear, ask again. People who have been working at least a couple of years in any industry, use professional slang, which is absolutely unclear to a trainee. And do not be silent about your desire to continue working.

How to Treat Non-Core Assignments


The internship is a moment of truth for every novice specialist. The main task here is to show yourself. However, each candidate understands this in his or her own way. Some are waiting for the most important task, the most difficult one, and when they get a simple type of going to get a parcel or buy food for their beloved animal, they are reluctant to do it. "I'm not the one who will do unnecessary things. I have studied at the university." However, experienced managers look at how the work was done.

Just remember the movie about karate, where the hero comes to the master of the hand-to-hand fight and asks: "Master, teach me how to fight." "Well," says the master, "take the paint, go to the fence. After painting the fence, you need to bring water, after that - chop the salad.” As a result, the tortured hero comes and starts complaining: "Why do not you teach me to fight? I am working for you for free, but you do not teach me!" It turned out that the movements that the student was doing repeated the defense movements in the fight.

Simple tasks like serve/bring are the most effective ways to see the attitude of the candidate to work. Moreover, it helps to determine the skills of making decisions and the skills to achieve results.

Going for food for the boss’s pet can be the first and last task in the company if you bring the wrong or expired one. Justification "and no one told me anything" characterizes your approach to work in general and shows how poor your communication skills are. It means that there will be the same result with a more complicated task. Why should a leader risk clients or big money?

Practice shows that there are really few smart applicants with initiative and who focus on results in the labor market. Such an active position on an internship can be a good start for a young specialist.

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