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The decision of providing a healthy life is to be serious and implemented at once. “I should…” and “On Monday” don’t work. Yep, everyone knows that, and people who write orders at for us do as well. This is nothing more but a self-excuse. Let’s take a look onto shapes of these excuses, and how to break one’s delusions about the healthy way of life

  • 1. I’m Healthy and I Don’t Need That

    Of course, there are people who sit most of their day time, consume unhealthy meals and still remain healthy. Until certain times. As we all know, prophylaxis is the best treatment. You better don’t wait for serious consequences.

    Health tends to get worse if one doesn’t watch after it. Symptoms can stay covered for years sometimes. But once they appear, it can be too late. People who rarely get ill don’t appreciate that, and this is the biggest danger. So, don’t be overconfident. Everything might break: Teeth, heart, lungs, liver etc.

  • 2. Not Enough Motivation

    This is the right thought, but it is an excuse as well. Got no motivation? Then do something for it to appear. Humans usually say the fact and just go on living.

    Or they try keeping to the diet and going in for sports, but quit it all some time later. This is the real trouble, then. In this case, one needs to develop the right state of mind and to create an environment for healthy lifestyle. Read more books about that, reward yourself and look for an inspiration:

    • Get up earlier;
    • Run;
    • Eat more vegetables and fruits.
  • 3. Healthy Lifestyle is Very Expensive

    Not true. Things go the opposite: bad eating and habits will cost you more. Refuse alcohol and smoking, and you’ll save lots of funds. This money can be invested into a healthy eating.

    Remember about other lacks of bad eating consumption: bad mood and feeling, that makes you unproductive. Health troubles cost you even more: caries, heart illnesses and many more. You’ll need to pay for the treatment.

    Just count what will be the cost of your healthy lifestyle. Won’t the annual gym or swimming pool membership get its cost back to you?

  • 4. I’m too Old for Body Procedures

    It is never too late to start looking after your health. Human body has impressive possibilities, and it can recover really very fast. Additionally, the unhealthy lifestyle causes the organism to get old.

    So, it is enough to refuse alcohol and cigarettes, and to start running and doing morning exercises in order to feel yourself young and healthy in a few months.

    It doesn’t matter how old you are. Start right now: refuse bad eating, create a diet plan for a week and start a new life.

  • 5. I Don’t Like Healthy Food and Physical Exercises

    Bad meals influence taste receptors so seriously a person starts thinking useful food to be not tasty. Start eating vegetables and fruits and you’ll feel they are much tastier than chips, cakes and fries some months later.

    Don’t you like exercises? If you think so, don’t worry. You’ve got lots of possibilities to find what you like: dancing, yoga, running, swimming, hiking, morning exercises. Choose at least something from this list.

  • 6. I’ve Got no Time for This

    It’s not so, really. It takes you much more time to bake a pizza than to make a vegetable salad. About sports activities, things differ, but almost every human has a possibility to find 30-40 minutes a day for exercising.

  • 7. I Live a Full Life

    Do you really think smoking and alcohol make your life better and more interesting? Will lung cancer or liver cirrhosis make you happy?

    Full life is different. It is when you feel every minute, when you control your body and mind. And light drugs and other dependencies make you a slave who consumes more and more.

    Don’t look for excuses. It is trendy today to be a cynic who smokes a cigarette and speaks about a life being senseless. But time will pass, and you’ll have to pay. And your family will, too.

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