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Early Wake Up Recommendations

Every morning is a clear sheet. It is a new chance to change your life, to make it better. And your life is consisted of such days. If you want to reach all of your goals, then ask yourself: What do I do and how do I feel after awakening?

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  • 1. Don’t Skip Your Alarm Clock

    People are mostly used to hate the alarm clock sounds, and that is why they skip it or pause it: they feel good; they don’t need to get out of a warm bed. Yet if to sleep 10 more minutes, the human feels even worse than before.

    Evolution is a slow process. Humanity as a kind is not yet used to awake hearing artificially created noise. That is why we just ignore these nasty sounds and continue sleeping.

    Once human awakes, the organism starts producing dopamine: the chemical substation which denies sleepy feelings. The effect of dopamine can be compared to a coffee cup or a portion of energy drink consumed. While human sleeps, serotonin (pleasure hormone) is produced.

    After a person skips an alarm clock, there are two hormones with opposite effects produced in their organism. That is why after this procedure human feels slow and disoriented.

  • 2. Count Not Only Awards

    To find a personal motivation onto performing an action (to wake up early in the morning and to take shower, for instance), people use their own systems of awards. Yet this might not be enough for a habit to become constant.

    It is needed to find a signal, which leads to any unwanted behavioral actions, and to replace it with an opposite one. Instead of pressing the “skip” button on your alarm, reward yourself with a cup of tasty coffee. Coffee smell in your bedroom can serve as a signal to this action. If you live with someone, ask them to prepare a drink for you every time you awake.

  • 3. Keep Up with a Suitable Strategy

    Average human needs 7 to 9 hours of sleeping, yet someone can feel good after 6 hours and others don’t after 10. One person needs to take a shower in order to fully awake, other feels enough with a coffee cup. Find out which type is yours, and it will be easier for you to create your own strategy.

    According to their motivation coming from the reward expectation, there can be noticed four categories of people:

    • Rules & order adepts: they always follow all the rules, both external (determined by their lecturer or chief) and internal (determined by themselves for themselves);
    • Bond with promises: these people work well only under the authority’s pressure or when feeling their real responsibility before the others;
    • Common sense seekers: they need internal motivation for every task, once they find it – they do the job;
    • Rebels: any task makes them feel the wish to do everything in the opposite way.
  • 4. Wake up Seeing the Natural Light

    There was an experiment, when a group of people suffering from insomnia was sent to a tourist trip on a week. After spending few days without sources of artificial lighting nearby, experiment’s participants not just began to fall asleep faster, they even easily got up in the next morning. Their sleep became almost normal.

    The chief of the research (Kenneth Wright) thought the next as a conclusion: to have a good sleep in the night and to easily wake up in the morning, human needs to get out of the bed following the natural light.

    This is quite an easy thing to do even in the urban environmental conditions: sleep in a room with the window, or even place your bed near the window in order to get more light early in the morning.

  • 5. Meditate

    Early Get Up Meditation

    Meditation fits everyone. At the same time, the meditating process is special for everyone. There are lots of its kinds: conscious, transcendental, yoga techniques, etc. There is no specialist who can surely tell which one is suitable for you.

    Yet the advantages of meditation are totally obvious: stress level decreases, working performance gets higher, memory gets better. While wee meditate, our brain stops processing the unnecessary information. That is why we calm down.

  • 6. Take a Minimum of Decisions

    We all can get under the kind of tiredness which psychologists call “being tired of making decisions”. This process takes away your resources, powers and energy, and you feel lots of difficulties in making further decisions effectively.

    Barack Obama wears only blue and grey suits. He says this is the way of trying to take less number of decisions. He doesn’t want to waste energy on thinking what to put on or what to eat, because there are many other questions waiting for him to decide them.

    To make the decision taking process simpler, Obama uses special papers, which are divided into three groups: “agreed”, “not agreed”, and “let’s talk”. This way makes the feedback a lot faster, which means tasks to be finished faster, too. 

    To spend your morning in a more productive way, think on the decisions you could take automatically. Here are some actions which might help you: to choose your clothes before going to bed, to eat the same meal for breakfast, to get up earlier in order to avoid standing in traffic jams.

  • 7. Eat a Frog

    Mark Twain said that if to eat a frog in the morning, the rest of your day will be pleasant, because the worse thing will already be done.

    The frog means the urgent but unpleasant task you keep delaying during the whole day.

    Your greatest frog should be your first meal for the day, even if you really don’t want it. Our willpower storages are limited, so start your day from doing something important while you have your energy.

    Additionally, scientists say that the level of human’s creativity is significantly higher in the morning, than in the evening. They explain this fact by the special functioning of our brain.


Benjamin Franklin asked himself every morning: “What good can I do today? ». Before starting your study, work or anything, you are to restore your energy and prepare for the new day. That is the way to surely do something significant.

Everyone can have their perfect morning. Someone likes listening to music; someone reads and looks through the schedule, etc. Create your perfect day’s plan for yourself. Hope these advice could help you do that.

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