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There is no doubt, almost every modern human had met the question: “Do I need to study foreign languages?”. This essay is to try answering this question.

Modern society cannot exist if not knowing at least two languages at the moment. Such definitions as building one’s career, independence and success are closely connected to education, of course. It is impossible to imagine any kind of activity where humans don’t use words to communicate with the others and to express thoughts they have.

Knowing of foreign languages was always a mark of a person’s culture. Then, try to think how your worldview could change, what a valuable worker you could become, what cultural level could you reach if you studied not one, not two, but a larger number of languages. There is a special respect for people who know languages of different groups, which are spoken in different parts of the World.

Knowledge and improving your foreign languages’ skills is not a luxury point today. It is about the need to “save” yourself, to be fully armed, it is required by a modern worker’s career. Moreover, it is simply interesting to study something new for yourself. If you know foreign languages, you can travel all over the World without worrying about how to communicate with people there.

Polyglots Foreign Language

Polyglots (people who know numerous foreign languages) have a wider world. They can meet different people and to visit places they couldn’t even dream about before. Knowing Chinese would help you to make new connections while travelling by “Chengdu-Shanghai” train. Or you could discuss politics with a man of the desert if you knew Egyptian dialect of Arabic language. Interesting, isn’t it? And discovering the special culture of deaf people through knowing the gests’ language is even more exotic, don’t you think?

Fortunately, nowadays there is a larger and larger number of people showing their active interest in studying foreign languages, and they even start learning them on their own. But of course, learning courses and official studies in various high schools (which significantly grow up in their numbers in our times) seem to be expensive. For the purposes of such people, many websites were created. Now everyone who has a wish to study any foreign language has the possibility to get “newbie” skills absolutely for free.

In addition, it is worth to mention different international student exchange programs, which became extremely popular in recent years. There even exist special camps where students from different countries come in order to get real speaking skills in foreign languages.

But still, internet is the most popular way to study languages, as the materials displayed there are comfortable, understandable, and – once more – free.

And this way is easy. First factor here is the absence of control: you can study your language when you’ve got your time free of job or main study. You learn with pleasure, not because you must do that. Second one is the comfortability of websites’ interfaces: the majority of specialized Internet pages present all the needed materials in a clear way, so the student doesn’t need to keep lots of books and vocabularies nearby in order to get into a process if improvement for their skill.

Foreign Languages Essay Arguments

Arguments on Studying Languages

There are some motivational points which could help you improve in foreign languages:

  1. Safety and Comfort Feeling

    The feeling of comfort is often generated by small things. For instance, as it was already mentioned above, you feel like that when being able to solve any organizational question abroad, to speak fluently with hotel or restaurant, or any other institution’s workers. I bet you’d agree it’s a pity not to have the opportunity to get the tastiest meals because of being unable to understand the menu and to consult with the waiter about the details. And if you need to know how this or that meal was cooked, you’ll certainly need foreign language: mostly, English, as most restaurants in the world obligatory have their menus translated to this language. Finally, there is a probability for different unpredicted extreme situations to appear during any journey. And of course, you’ll feel safe if able to explain your problem, to ask the needed questions and to understand the required info.

  2. Freedom

    Knowing foreign languages allows you not to depend on guides or friends who know local language a bit better than you do. It allows you to go for a walk alone once you’ll wish to meet one on one with the new city, to speak with any human fluently about whatever you want. Freedom is when you can say whatever you want, not what you just know how to pronounce.

    Though, foreign languages can give you freedom not only somewhere abroad. It is very interesting to watch famous movies without the need to wait for the release of translated version, isn’t it? It is great when you understand the lyrics of beloved songs!

    One more thing foreign language gives you is the freedom to choose place you want to study, work and live in. Because the language barrier is the only one which modern human needs to overcome.

    In general, this is what the real freedom is: communicating with people who are interesting to you; looking through and listening to whatever you want; building a career in the way you dream about.

  3. Spectacular Impression

    It’s not even necessary to put your efforts here: a person who speaks foreign language with good pronunciation, looks stylish and smart. Additionally, despite this skill becoming more and more actual in our times, not so many people tend to know other languages. So, it is easy to look spectacularly due to that. Having perfect skills in a single foreign language (or in a couple of the most beautiful and widespread languages) is a part of the successful person’s style. Foreign language has to sound from us not only beautifully, but spectacularly.

    As a conclusion: it is important to have serious skills in foreign languages to people of different nations, because this is the only way to understand each other, to exchange news and discoveries. Only in this case we might support future progress, and create a better world of tomorrow.

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