Functions of Food Preservatives

You probably haven’t heard about such a term as “food preservatives”. Recently I have investigated what food additive is. It is a popular type of E-additive in the products. The main function is to prolong and preserve the freshness of food. There are two kinds of preservatives: natural (organic) and synthetic. Natural additives are safe in comparison to the synthetic ones. The latter may be very dangerous and lead up to lethal consequences depending on the amount.

Food Preservatives Impact

Synthetic E food preservatives can claim or stimulate cancer in organism, kidney diseases, collywobbles, and allergy (asthma and dermatitis). Some food additives can destroy the blood pressure circulation. The most popular causes are intoxication, headache and nausea.

How to Preserve Oneself?

Read the labels on the goods you buy, wash thoroughly the fruits and vegetables you are going to consume. Avoid buying products with food preservative component E, try to buy organic food.

Pop corn

List of Goods with E-component Food Additive

  • Chewing gum

    It is full of food supplements as food colorings, aromatizators, sugar substantials and sweeteners, stabilizers, thickeners, jellifies, emulsifiers, antioxidants and food additives. As we are all influenced by the advertisements about the use of having fresh breathe after eating and that microbes will be defeated with a help of chewing gum, we won’t mention the negative effect of the product content. Be careful with chewing gums.

  • Soda and other soft drinks

    They have the same composition as the chewing gum, but an effect is more serious. They are mixed with water, therefore the absorption passes quicker. Diseases they cause are cancer, hepatic cirrhosis, degenerative diseases, declining of heart work and so on.

  • Chips

    They are really tasty, but belong to the junk food. The technology of preparing and cooking chips is dangerous and influence health immediately, especially if mixed with coke. Its composition is full of stabilizers, emulsifiers and food preservatives. Here are the next reactions: headache, face reddening, body perspiration and others.

  • Yogurts

    I am about to write about the yogurts that are bought at a shop, not home-made. They have the same content of the harmful elements as the above products and effects are similar. Yogurts cause allergies, digestive diseases. The citric acid in huge amounts claims the cancer as well.

  • Dry bread crumbs with flavor

    It is also popular food among young people. Basically, it is a kind of snack, but junk and dangerous. Producers add different flavors, stabilizers, emulfiers and food additives to dry bread to preserve it from mould. The impact on health is quite categorical and dangerous. It calls allergy, skin reddening, asthma, nausea and even declining of sight.

Take Care

We are what we eat. Therefore, if you want to be healthy and have healthy and smart kids, watch what you eat. If you do not have a possibility to buy products from farms, at least try to check the labels and markers on the goods on supermarkets` shelves. Even though organic products are usually more expensive, trust me, they are worth it.

Organic food

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