How to Survive at the University: 10 Tips for Newbies

University Survival

The school is over, and here goes the (almost) adult life! prepared 10 recommendations for first-year students that will help them adapt to a new place and make their student life not only unforgettable, but productive.

Do not Be Afraid to Ask for Help

Can’t you find the room? Don’t you know where to buy monthly tickets? Can’t you understand a single thing in docs and stipendiums? Believe, you are not the only one feeling like that, and there are tens of people around who can help. Many universities even provide newbies with a supervisor: the more experienced student who is to show and tell everything. Do not be afraid to look silly with the questions like “where is a dining room?”. It is normal not to know that while visiting the university for the first time.

Try Yourself in Unusual Activities

Dancing team, student TV, choir, even cheerleading crew. Nobody knows where you are going to find yourself. University opens many possibilities you could not even dream about at school.

Try and Risk: what if this is Going to Change Your Life?

Take everything you can from those possibilities: contests, festivals, international exchange courses. Take them all until there is no a load of work days on your shoulders.

You are going to learn how to plan your time in order to prevent yourself from following the lecturers during the exam session. It won’t be pleasant to get fired of a theatrical team, volleyball crew and choir, because you just couldn’t cut yourself into pieces. Time management is all yours now!

Be Active During Seminars

At school, everyone loved to sit on the back desks silently. At the university, you better avoid acting the same way. Be active on seminars, so the teacher remembered you, and receive the chance to get the excellent exam grade automatically.

Make New Connections

Student Connections

Meet up with people, especially with your groupmates and elder students. You are going to communicate with mates for the next three years, and elders can tell you everything about lecturers, share notes and exam questions. It is useful to know university workers and activists as well.

Do not Be Afraid of a Session

Nobody died because of university exams yet, believe that. Yes, there will be more of them than you used to have at school, and they’ll happen to you twice a year, but that’s not as scary as it seems. If to make notes, get into the learning process and prepare in advance, then you should not have to study that all during nights before the exam. Many groups practice team preparations: questions are shared between students, and it becomes easier to write answers.

Visit PT

Things are simple here: losing a stipendium because you decided this subject to be less important is silly and insulting. If you don’t want to panic at the end of the year, you better visit gym and pool regularly.

Plus, this is a great way to remain shaped, as the university PT is not the same as the school one, and is about free training or fitness in most cases.

Forget What You’ve Learnt at School

Your entry exam points mean NOTHING here. And your studying is only YOUR problem now. Nobody will call your parents to a headmaster, but you can easily get more serious troubles. It’s a pity, but they don’t give out independence near the university entry.

Treat it all Simply

If you got cold and missed a day, they won’t expel you. If you don’t bring ten textbooks with you, they won’t expel you as well. You can go on studying even if you got late to the lecture. Try finding common language with lecturers, and everything is going to be great.

Do not Drop Out

Do not do that despite the previous point. Yes, student life is great, but you should not forget to visit classes regularly. You are there to do that, aren’t you?

Student Years are the Best!

Just believe our words! School years passed too fast, and student ones can’t be held back at all.

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