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Tired Student

Sometimes you just feel burned out. It happens to almost every student who strives to do their best. It is especially a problem for those of us who have to combine their excruciating study routine with a full- or part-time job.

Of course, you may just say that it is no big deal. Probably many of your friends feel this way, and you do not see a huge problem about it. Nonetheless, you’ve only got one life, and it will always be hard, unless you were born with a silver spoon in your mouth.

You will always have trials and tribulations to go through. Therefore, it is important to organize your life and mindset in a way that would make tackling all the challenges easier. Of course, being a student is extra hard, but one does not have to feel tired all the time as a student.

Know What You’ve Got to Do

I know it is extremely hard to pull off. The reason being is that many students are so overwhelmed with a bazillion of different tasks that they simply lack time to micromanage everything. This can result in constant stress and consequently in intense fatigue.

Not knowing exactly the number of assignments you need to tackle, their deadlines and approximate time for completion can lead to you underestimating or overestimating their difficulty. So, you may not even have a reason to fret, but you will if you remain unaware.

Everything must be written down and batched into blocks. No matter how tired you are in the evening – take 15 minutes to plan for the next day. This will help you dramatically decrease your stress level, which is the major trigger of fatigue.

Try to Lead a Healthy Lifestyle

I want to put an emphasis on the word “try.” Many students, especially the high-achieving ones, strive for perfection in everything – including their lifestyle. However, it is a utopian attempt because with a kind of hectic schedule they have, it is a practically impossible task.

Instead of beating yourself over something you cannot achieve, praise yourself even for small victories. Managed to eat a healthy meal instead of grabbing a burger? Congratulations! You’re on the right path. Remember, when you are a student, it is much harder to do.

Many would not even attempt to exercise or eat well knowing that at one point (most likely, before their exams), they will abandon those laudable habits. However, don’t you think it is better to live healthy periodically than not trying at all?

Give Yourself Time Off

Different strokes for different folks, but everybody needs some rest and relaxation. Of course, some people can work longer hours than others and require less time off, but you should first and foremost think of your personal needs.

Do not compare yourself to others. If your friend says they work 12 hours a day, it does not mean you are lazy if you can work only 8. First of all, your friend simply might be healthier or more mentally prepared for such rigorous schedule.

Second of all, you cannot really evaluate the intensity of their studies. Finally, your friend may be lying. People have a very unfortunate tendency to exaggerate their plight. So, do not push yourself over your boundaries. Know when to take time off.

Create the Right Atmosphere

Some people work better in silence, some need music to put themselves in the right mood. Whatever your preference, stick with it. I personally can handle noise just fine, but cannot stand people talking right next to me. So, I always try to find some personal space to work.

Creating the right atmosphere does not only help you work more effectively, it can also preclude procrastination. When you are used to a certain environment being your work place, you will be less likely to watch some YouTube videos before actually starting your work.

Less procrastination means more time off in the future. Thus, if you allow yourself more time for rest, you will feel less tired in the long-run. So, make sure you have that trigger in your life that says – it’s time to do some work.

Meet People Who Care for You

You, probably, hear all the time about the importance of support network. However, as a student you tend to be so busy that you barely have time to call your parents or even sleep. Even though it is a legitimate excuse, it does not mean it is good for you.

I know from my personal experience that being surrounded by people who feel your pain can help tremendously. First of all, meeting with your friends who experience the same problems can make you feel understood and supported.

Second of all, it can invigorate you to the point where you will feel less tired and more eager to work. Finally, it helps combat anxiety. If your source of stress is meeting people then the more you do it, the easier it becomes. This way you will feel less tired of social interactions.

Stop Worrying So Much!

I know it is easier said than done. I myself tend to worry even about minor issues in life like having to contact customer service about my plane ticket or having to meet new people at my friend’s birthday party. However, there is a simple trick to combat that kind of social anxiety.

Ask yourself whether the stuff you are fretting over so much now is going to matter a couple years into the future. If the answer is no (which it is in most cases), then let it go. It is extremely hard, and it takes practice. You have to reframe your mindset to achieve this kind of self-awareness.

However, if you manage it, your life as a student will become much less stressful and more productive. Remember, stress is the most typical cause of fatigue. Once you address this issue, you will have more time for being productive rather than worrying over non-existent problems.

Reevaluate Your Priorities

Sometimes you just commit yourself to too much. Being a student is already harder than a full-time job. Not only do you have to spend almost all day on campus, but you also get tons of homework to finish within a very limited period of time.

If you put work on top of that, it may simply be too much. Therefore, it is important to know your boundaries. Sleeping 5 hours a day may seem okay in the beginning, but at one point you will have a breakdown, and it won’t be as easy to restore your energy afterwards.

Maybe, there are ways to reduce your workload. For instance, you may take fewer classes and graduate later. You may shorten your work hours or quit your job altogether. You may swallow your pride and ask parents for help.

Whatever you decide, make sure it works for you. Quitting your job can definitely reduce the workload, but it can also leave you hungry. Evaluate your options smartly. Do not rush into decisions impulsively.


Society expects students to be constantly tired, hungry and overworked. Unless your parents provide for you, this fate will most likely befall you. However, do not succumb to this all-too-common destiny of many students around the globe.

You only have one life and one health. It is important to take care of your well-being regardless of your current life situation. Even if you are a student, you are first of all a vulnerable human who needs good rest and support.

Hopefully, these tips will help you have a healthier and more productive lifestyle in the future. 

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