Electric Cars: Opinion Essay About Their Popularity

Electric Car

To begin with, cars have a great impact on environment, as they emit exhaust that may have harmful effects and lead to serious climate changes. The fast pace of life and just simple human need for comfort are some of other causes that have led many of us to prefer cars instead of more environmentally-friendly public transport. Fortunately, technological advances come to our rescue – almost every car company already has electric cars in its trade offer.

You surely might have heard a lot about avails of electric car, but even despite that it’s not very popular among people. Why is it so?

High Price

One important aspect is that you have to spend more money when you decide to buy eco cars instead of usual ones. The thing is that introducing electric cars is a novelty, so the world is not really adjusted to use them. Furthermore, if some details of such car break, you have to spend much money in order to replace them. What is more, cars which work with the help of the electricity need a large charge to work rightly, so after the acquisition you may spend a fortune on electricity every month.

Absence of the Possibility to Travel for a Long Mileage

It’s really a huge drawback, because when you want to set off for a long mileage you might have problems with charging your vehicle. It is explained by the fact that nowadays there aren’t a lot of electric charging stations, on the contrary, there are very few of them.

Recharge Time

In order to fuel a conventional fuel car, you have to wait a few minutes. But when you need to make you electric car work normally you have to wait 5-6 hours. So, you are not able to go wherever you need by your own car whenever you want.


Most of such cars have only two seats. It not very good for those who like to travel with big companies or with family.


You may wonder what does it mean and how silence may be applied to this topic. The reason is that eco cars run very quietly and sometimes it may lead to accidents, because people can’t hear a noise of such vehicles.

Limiting by Distance and Speed

Most eco vehicles have low range (up to 500 miles), and then you need to charge them again, so it’s not very suitable for those who like or need to travel for a long distance. Apart from that, if you are one of those who are fond of high speed, you also won’t be satisfied, because the maximum speed of most eco cars is 75-80 km/h. As these cars are not very powerful it takes much more time for them to reach this speed.


Despite all these minuses they have, eco cars are really great innovations as they can reduce the number of harmful effects and save our environment. Thus, scientists work out the ways to remove or minimize the drawbacks of the electric cars in the nearest future. Hopefully, electric cars will soon replace the fuel ones and our world will become a bit better place to live in.


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