A Few Tips on How to Rest Effectively

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It is the long awaited weekend or the summer vacation, and despite every expectation of an exciting time, you feel lazy and bored? There is nothing wrong with spending a few days doing absolutely nothing, but it is bound to feel senseless and boring after a while. What a paradox: the more you rest, the more tired you feel. On the other hand, you do not want to fill your hard-earned rest with further work or study. Here are a few ways to rest effectively and get something done or gain some knowledge in the process.


An amazing way to feel productive while lying in bed all day is to listen to audiobooks while you do it. There are thousands of books turned into their listenable counterparts, so you definitely will not have trouble with choosing something that suits you personally. If you like to read the same story more than once, try to listen to it this time… in a different language, for example! Audiobooks are great, because they are accessible to people with visibility problems. Another point is that they can be listened absolutely anywhere and anytime. You can listen to them while lying on the beach drinking a cocktail, or while driving a car, and never miss out on an interesting book. Plus, your hands are free as there is no actual book to hold, so you can busy yourself with cooking or…


Crafts have an amazing special feature: they are never outdated. At the moment, more and more people start wearing handmade gloves, scarves or sweaters, but just imagine making one yourself! Plus, crafts are not only about knitting or cross-stitching. There are so many things you can try! You can start to decorate your room, have some gorgeous clothes re-dos or make a unique present to your friend or relative.

Save Time

If it is the weekend when you planned to relax and on the last minute your professor assigns you a difficult paper due Monday, you will certainly start hating on the world. There is nothing wrong with sticking to the original plan and allow yourself to breathe freely. What about your essay? We can write it for you while you relax. Keep in mind that your time is more precious, and you could fill it much more efficiently, especially if you gain nothing by doing the essay by yourself.


Remember, how you wanted to start playing the guitar? Or how you missed your piano lessons? How you felt envy every time you saw that smiling guy with a ukulele? And here is the most important question: why have you not started playing this instrument if you desperately want to? Some people say that they are afraid to start something like this as later they will not have time for this, but if there is one thing you should believe in it is that people always manage to find time for the things and people they really care about.

Playing the Ukulele

Subtitled Movies

One of the main tips while studying a new language is to watch movies in the original language with subtitles. You still get the same dose of entertainment, but at the same time can hear the original language. If you do not know how to fill your free time, choose a foreign movie, and immerse yourself in a foreign language and culture. You are not learning any new languages? This is how you can start! You will hear the natural flow of speech and will possibly catch some phrases for everyday use in this language you do not understand. You will be sure to learn something new about the world around you, and at the same time practice your language skills. Who knows? Maybe you will get a new motivation for your studies!

Active Rest

If you are tired of being lazy, eating chips and watching television, you can always try to schedule a few days of active rest. Start jogging, go to the pool or sign up for a skating lesson. The possibilities to rest actively are endless, and it is up to you to choose something that suits your taste. You will be amazed to find out how active rest can energize you and make you fight through the stress of the routine.


Board Games

A great way to train your brain and make you socialize with others is to play board games. If you look unhappy with the thought, you have probably never tried playing board games with the people that get you and who you care about. Invite over a few friends that you have been falling out with and arrange some games. Even people who do not know each other well can participate. You will find out how board games develop your imagination, skills, memory and so on, while being super entertaining.

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