Writing a Report About the Best Ways of Having Spent Easter in 2018

I decided to write my essay on a great feast day, and I’m sure that one of the brightest holidays for all children is Easter. It means a lot of hilarious and strange games, plus also a tasty food like wonderful special bread and delicious holiday eggs. Besides, the happiness is enhanced by the fact that winter is coming to an end and summer holidays are looming on the horizon. This year we had a double-feast day: Easter combined with the first of April, which is the Fool’s Day. Such a coincidence happens very seldom, that’s why people tried to change the way they are celebrating Easter by making it a little bit crazy, but we will talk about it later. You may find a lot of free essays on the topic, but to write an original one, you may need a bit more information.

Start with Telling About the Roots

When it comes to writing a report or an essay about Easter, everyone starts with the history of this holiday, so I’m not going to be original. Essay writers do not do this for no reason, indeed. Let’s refresh some intriguing data about the roots of this feast day that you might have forgotten after graduating from school. Indeed, looking at the roots of this holiday, a lot of things and symbols may be clarified.

Egg Hunting

It’s not a secret that at the core of this feast day lays the legend about the unexpected returning of Jesus Christ from the other side. For those who believe in Jesus, this holiday means a great feast after a long fasting time, always 40 days, and everyday worship. Although this holiday is considered to be a truly Christian one, it has Jewish roots (a normal situation for all church holidays).

To write a report on the celebrations you are expected to spend a lot of time reading articles on Wikipedia or any similar resource, but I advise to visit history.com to find more data concerning the roots of the Easter feast day.

Ordinary Ways to Celebrate Easter Holidays: Still Interesting

You may already be aware of the ordinary ways to spend the fest. The most conventional way of celebration contains three ingredients: the first is worship in church during the candlelight vigil, the second is giving a triple kiss to relatives while saying “Christ is Risen!”, and the other person has to answer “Indeed He is Risen!”, the third is eating Easter bread and eggs. Without these three ingredients, you won’t feel the spirit of the holiday!

While writing a report, I found out a plenty of games with eggs, and you may also include those to your writing:

  • egg hunting (tiresome hunting for eggs in the yard);
  • egg fighting (beating the eggs of your opponents, the one whose egg doesn’t crash wins);
  • egg rolling (eggs are placed in small holes in the ground, the idea is to roll the egg from the hole with the help of a rag ball).

That is interesting, but the egg for Christians means wealth and fecundity and all these games were designed of course to make God bring people some benefits such as a great harvest. Of course, the ways people spend the holiday are not the same in all countries, but there are some places with “totally insane” customs.

Weird Traditions to Include into the Report

Crazy Feast Day

Do you want to experience something weird? The next time you would want to visit the following countries on the holidays time. Or, the following facts can be a good background for a critical analysis.

  • In Hungary, boys pour water on girls and after that ask for a kiss. The reason for such behavior is the fact that water is a symbol of cleanness and fertility.
  • Another strange ritual that is worth reading about before writing a report takes place in Brazil. There, every Easter the straw dolls of Judas (the one who betrayed Jesus Christ) are created and then hanged in the streets so that passers-by could beat them up.
  • Easter in Sweden resembles Halloween because children are dressed up as witches and they go from home to home trying to sell paintings and drawings and get sweets.
  • The craziest custom is in Greece, where people throw pots and pans out of their window so that all streets are covered with broken pieces. Some say that this tradition comes from the Venetians who throw out all unnecessary goods from their windows on New Year’s Day.
  • One of the most beautiful ceremonies that shouldn’t be forgotten while writing a report on Easter celebrations comes from Italy. On this day, a beautifully decorated wagon is dragged through the streets by white oxen straight to the cathedral, where the chorus sings religious songs. In the end, archbishop ignites the cart with a dove-shaped rocket and the fireworks start.

It is better to finish the report on Easter celebrations with a short description of your personal way to spend this bright feast day. After that, read your report aloud. Would you be interested in reading it? If your answer is no, you are welcome to hire an essay writer UK who will help you to write or polish your report.

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