An Influence of an Interior Design on Your Writing Skills

Futuristic Apartment

When Rihanna goes on tour, she has very specific and kind of ridiculous requests. Or, as it`s usually called, “a rider”. Riri demands one-of-a-kind drapes, they have to be blue or black, layered with “ice-blue chiffon”. Seems like a more or less reasonable request, she`s a superstar after all. But that`s not it. An animal-print throw rug is an absolute must-have in her dressing room. And all kinds of candles! So many candles with so many scents!

I admit that you could probably go on with your life without knowing this information. Oh, wait, no you couldn`t. There is simply no useless information that is at least somehow related to Rihanna.

Anyway, this singer isn`t the only one having very specific demands, when it comes to interior design of a room where she prepares for a show. Musicians are incredibly creative people, so everything can influence their mood and performance.

And you know what? Science says that your favorite singers are absolutely right about their requests. Most of them are rather all-diva-attitude-like but still.

Interior design can have a large impact on your creativity and writing skills. Perhaps, the walls which are surrounding you while you`re doing your home assignment won`t let your imagination free. So, what can you do about your surroundings in order to become a master of writing?

If you do not want to get into the intricacies of interior design to get a well-written paper, just go to and buy essay online. It is always a good idea to decorate your house, but sometimes you are just stuck in the dorm for years. It is not a reason not to have a good essay with us.

Sharp Corners Are Bad Not Only for Your Pinky

That disastrous moment when you hit your precious little balance-helper, aka a pinky, against some piece of furniture. Who in their sane mind would come up with those designs? I don`t want you to recall the most painful moments of your life, so, let`s get back to the topic.

Scientists from Harvard University have discovered that we feel better and more comfortable in a room with rounded corners. Can you imagine a round wardrobe or a round bed? Sounds like an eccentric and fabulous designer dream!

Turns out, when people look at those sharp angles, an amygdala becomes active. I won`t make you recall biology lessons from school, so I`ll just say that amygdala is a part of a brain which is responsible for a feeling of fear. So, we basically see sharp angles as a threat to our life. And we`d better keep seeing them this way.

If you want your brain give you all the best work that it is capable of, then find someplace with smooth interior design. There is no need to repair your whole house, just find a café where you can spend some time writing, and you`ll be fine. But seriously, when the time comes, and you decide to change some pieces of furniture, just remember this Harvard research.

Those Fifty Shades of Grey Won`t Work out Good for You

Shades of Blue

In fact, grey color is rather bad for your imagination, so I don`t know what the author of that book was thinking about. Red will cope with the whole imagination thing much better. I mean when you need a good creativity boost, of course.

Scientists have proven that red improves our attention and concentration. For example, if you need to calculate something or conduct some operations with numbers, then this bright color will come in handy.

Our writers must really have taken this advice into account, as they are not only good at calculations, but also at synthesizing them into an impeccable research paper. There is no need to spend hours trying to solve that one problem when you can just delegate it to our writers.

Yellow and red are the most social colors. Thus, it`s the best choice of wall color in working spaces where people interact with each other often. The conference room, where all brain-storming happens, should be painted in red or yellow.

However, a blue color is a good choice for that as well. It improves creativeness and boosts imaginative abilities. Besides, blue has so many beautiful shades, and it will look really stylish in any space, whether it`s an apartment or an office. Baby-blue, navy-blue, denim, arctic, there is even Cambridge blue and Oxford blue, so it`s your call.

A Little Mess Wouldn`t Hurt

In case you`re a hot mess, you`re so going to love the following scientific discovery. Researchers claim that mess is more than alright when it comes to creativity. However, if you`re a fashionista, you probably know that minimalism of interior design is on point nowadays. But when it comes to a great essay, you can forget about this fashion rule for some time, right?

What is more, when some stuff is piled up in a room, and some items are lying around with no order, it actually makes a room more cozy and comfortable. Do you have a friend who is incredibly tidy? Like Monika-from-Friends-style tidy? You just don`t feel like home when you visit this friend. Your mess is a part of your unique personality, and you shouldn`t be ashamed of it. But please note the difference between a messy room and a garbage bin.

Low or High? Both Are Good!

High Ceiling

That`s about ceiling. You probably had no idea about it, but ceiling height can largely influence the work of your brain. Have you ever noticed that when you walk into a room with low ceiling, you feel so small, and this intimidating feeling is just eating you up? Or, perhaps, that`s just me who has claustrophobia and some anxiety issues. Anyway, I just don`t like when there is a limited space above my head, but it actually can be good for you.

Low ceiling is suitable for concentration, it helps to compartmentalize your thoughts and pay attention to details. High ceiling, on the other hand, is great for abstract thinking because it provides an illusion of freedom and space. So, if you need to get really good at your writing, you can choose a place with a high ceiling or just get outside because nothing above you can be better than the sky.

Even if you create a perfect environment for yourself following the tips above, you will still need a second eye to check your paper. While your friend is far from being a reliable editor, our expert writers have it as their job. Here you can learn more about our proofreading services.

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