11 Depression Signs

Many people get used to deal with their inner demons so well that people around simply don’t see anything. Still, depressed people have certain skills which can characterize their mental state. Authors from greatpaper.co.uk/essay-writers created a list of such skills.

  • 1. Blissful Cheerfulness

    Cheerful Mask

    Depression is not just a kind of bad mood as everyone got used to think about it. People living in depression make conscious effort upon themselves and don’t show up their worries. Nobody wants to make the others sad, that is why we constantly hide our feelings and troubles.

  • 2. They Start Lots of Useful Habits

    Depression needs to be cured by serious methods of psychotherapy and medicine. Yet except of them, there are useful habits that help people with depression to regulate their psychic condition. Such as: music, sports activities, walks, and any other actions not allowing depressed people to fall into their desperation.

  • 3. They Are Afraid of Staying Alone

    Everyone who ever met with depression understands how difficult it is not only for the person themselves, but for their close people as well. Sometimes a friend or a partner may easily get away because of being not ready to provide support. Of course, depressed people are afraid of that and they don't share their problems with the others.

  • 4. They Justify Like Pros

    People suffering from a depression, meet up with many difficulties which kick them off the normal life sometimes. They often need to find justifications for themselves in order to distract other people’s attention from their pain and to hide symptoms of depression.

  • 5. They Have Troubles with Sleep and Eating

    These seem to be not serious factors, but they really can signalize about depression. For instance, constant problems with sleep (too long sleeping or insomnia), no appetite or huge one, that all can say about mental problems of a person.

  • 6. They Watch Everything That Can Influence Their Mood

    People who are made to live with the depression try to control everything that comes into their organism. They know alcohol to be a depressant, and if to consume much of it, they may fall into a condition which will be difficult to deal with. It will be much more serious deal than if it was a regular human free of depression. They know how different medicine work and what is forbidden to take together. And that is because these people need to think about their mental state a lot more than anyone else.

  • 7. They See Life and Death in Other Way

    Not every depressed human think of a suicide. But their depressed condition can significantly change their attitude towards life. We often realize the thing of death in desperate moments, so while human being in depression, such thoughts are more likely to appear.

  • 8. They Are Talented and Expressive

    Depressed Artist

    Numerous talented artists, musicians and just creative people suffered from a depression or met other psychological problems. Hidden depression may lead to that, the human tries to find a personal expression in creativeness and art.

  • 9. They Look for a Sense of Life

    Everyone needs a goal. People want to know that their actions make sense, that they move in right direction. Depressed people dare to get the same, yet for them this is even far more important. That is why they can often change their activities and to look for happiness for such a long time.

  • 10. Sometimes They Ask for Help

    Even those who have learned how to live with depression might need help. There are situations when it is just dangerous for a person to stay alone with their thoughts. Sometimes they ask for help on their own. Such moments are especially important as they help to strengthen trust and closeness which may not appear at all if the human constantly dares to hide real feelings and worries.

  • 11. They Need Love and Underst feel the need in understanding and love just like anyone else. And they hide their depression not because of a wish to cheat on someone, but for protection. This is done in order to protect themselves and their relatives, friends; in order to save their dreams and hopes.


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